Heard of Land at Praia Luxuosa - Fleixeras?

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Sim_business, May 17, 2009.

  1. Land Searcher

    Land Searcher New Member

    Ok thats great...
  2. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder New Member

    I would confirm, I have not received any private messages from NZINVESTOR, I did however, send a private message to NZINVESTOR earlier today, now waiting for their response. It feels like another 'Bobandsue' who request telephone contact details without supplying any themselves. Then, when you send your details, they don't call, just trying to find out the disgruntled buyers names. You can guess who they are associated with!
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Well they are accessing the forums from opposite sides of the world so it seems a very elaborate scheme just to find out who isn't happy with their purchase.

    Perhaps he/she is busy and hasn't had time to answer the pm?
  4. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder New Member

    hope your right
  5. nzinvestor

    nzinvestor New Member

    not associated with Kapital

    You can rest assured that I am in no way associated with Kapital. But given I am in a different timezone to the rest of you... my responses will at times be delayed.

    I have sent a PM to 'Bob the Builder'
  6. misslead

    misslead New Member

    no time to waste

    News from Kapital is not reliable , they have not been trying to renew licenses according to info I have received.Furthermore the relavent authorities in Brazil have no record of a renewal application made by Kapital.For more info text me on 07787104109 or email your acknowledge to this thread . We have to act now. As I have said weeks ago the more the merrier , we should seek legal advise collectively, that will keep further investment more affordable , anybody interested . Or kiss goodbye to your investment.
  7. nzinvestor

    nzinvestor New Member

    Thanks. I spoke to 'Bob' last Friday and will be in touch shortly. Am keen to participate in seeing that justice is served.
  8. Greenester

    Greenester New Member

    Please call me

    Hi Guys I bought land in Praia Luxuosa and im very concerned now as i only stumbled upon this forum. I cannot get in contact with Keith as he does not return my calls. Can someone please call me on 00 353 877833978 to discuss what is goin on. I have been trying to sell my plot of land for last 2 years but no one has answered my queries. Who is taking legal action?? I am living in Ireland but speak fluent portuguese as im half brazilian so if that helps in any way please let me know.
  9. justjoined

    justjoined New Member

    situation with kapital

    Hi Greenester

    So your having problems too trying to get keith to reply to you , I think you should speak to Bob the Builder re this he seems to be wanting to help with this issue, suggest you all act as quickly as possible Good luck
  10. Land Searcher

    Land Searcher New Member

    What your Bulgarian telephone number has to do with your Irish Resident ?
  11. Greenester

    Greenester New Member

    Its an Irish number

    How did you get bulgarian in your head?? Its an irish number Land Searcher 00 353 is the irish code!! and 0877833978 is my mobile numer here but you drop the first zero when you ring an international number so it becomes 00 353 87 7833978. Dont know how you are helping by questioning where im from?? I am more concerned about sorting this land problem out than answering your stupied queries.... Please call me if you can help on this issue!!! Its absolutely crazy what is happening
  12. Greenester

    Greenester New Member

    How do i contact Bob The builder

  13. Land Searcher

    Land Searcher New Member

    First of all stop being aggressive. Second the 0035 its international code of Bulgaria. If you knew what me and other members of the forum have passed so far with this case and how dissapointed we are with our findings you might be more suspicious than me. I am sure you read this forum and you understood who is who (Kapital) and how the things work. I will try to call you today.

    PS I think its very logical to ask if your number is bulgarian since it starts with 0035. I didnt know 00353 is irish. Dont kill me. :)
  14. Veronica

    Veronica Administrator

    00353 is the international code for Ireland Bulgaria is 00359
  15. Frank_London

    Frank_London New Member

    Hello, any news from this development or legal action?
  16. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc


    The AIPP logo does not appear on his website (although there is a referral to his 'nomination'. Losing that must be a huge loss of face, and not only for Keith, but also for AIPP. That's probably why they are always rather evasive in cases such as this.
    His Brazilian office shows merely a lawyer's address.
  17. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder New Member

    Thanks for that info. I was losing faith in the AIPP. However, if the AIPP logo has been omitted, I hhave to assume they must have instructed him to remove it. Make your own conclusions!!!!
  18. Sim_business

    Sim_business New Member

    Don't know about you guys but I can still see it on the homepage.
  19. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc


    My apologies - I must have looked at The Kapital Corporation - the Kapital International is not accessible right now.
  20. used

    used New Member

    Have you ever wondered where and what he is doing?

    well you will be glad to see him quite at home here on STV news

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