Heard of Land at Praia Luxuosa - Fleixeras?

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Sim_business, May 17, 2009.

  1. Sim_business

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    Hi, Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with Kapital international before? they are developing a new condominium 3km north of fleixeras, the location is in the middle of no where and the prices for plots seem steep to me, though I am new to brazilian market.

    If anyone has dealt with them I would like to know your experiences and also would be interested to know other peoples thoughts on the development and its prospects. are they over priced?
  2. Sim_business

    Sim_business New Member

    No One?

    No one heard of development or dealt with Kapital International? Just looking for some advice regarding the development and / company.

  3. timatthebeach

    timatthebeach New Member

    sorry sim never heard of either but am not an agent, they may be able to help more.
  4. PAUL-brasil

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    Flexeiras is actually a good 2 hours away from Fortaleza at the very best (it advertises 60 minutes) and they say on the website that these plots are a far 1KM from the beach and priced at 10K GBP for the 450M2. This is very expensive to me, the price in Reais is probably R$35,000 for the 450M2 making R$77.7 per M2 for an undeveloped area, atleast 1KM from the beach and atleast 2hrs from the city. You can buy in developed areas at half the distance from the city, with beach front for a alittle more R$/M2 or just 150M2 from the ocean with views for a less than R$77/M2. In addition their building costs are extremely high 300GBP - 600GBP is alot,

    I can bet you that Kapital, if there are the owners of the land shouldn't of paid more that R$1 per M2 for that land of that size with it being so far out! They are a few others doing the same in the same area. I certainly hope that Kapital would not be the same but I have seen so many of these developers over the years advertise these plots in the same way and promised some infrastructure to be built by them, and 5 years later still nothing.

    Best regards
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  5. Sim_business

    Sim_business New Member

    Thanks for your reply Paul, the prices for land do seem over priced especially being in the middle of nowhere.

    I was wondering from your experiences how much typical Brazilian build costs should be per square meter ?
  6. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    You can get cheaper but typically R$800 per M2 for a top stardard build of an average size of 250M2 construction, although the bigger you build the cheaper per M2 you should be getting.
  7. robh

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    I have seen everything from R$500 m2 to R$3000 m2, the R$500m2 being very basic but reasonable quality, and the R$3000 m2 being super high quality.

    Also you need to take into account how far supplies, equipment, construction crews, etc. have to travel to the site.

  8. jaseypoo

    jaseypoo New Member

    Hi Ya, I have copied a previous post as a reply for you, Im not sure if the bit about capital is 100% accurate, but it should give you a basis to start your investigastions. I posted "Yes Im sure it is, incidently the site which you refer to as being sold by Kapital is the old site of coconut grove, ( I think ) Im not 100% sure so dont want to tell you lies, but the developer David Mahoney of coconut grove pulled out of buying that land because its a flood plane, and the licesnses are old and probably will not be allowed to have stuff built on it, thats if its the same piece of land, but what he showed me as the old site 500 metres away was definately under water and a flood plane, wether its rivalry speak or genuine, but he said he doubt that site would be allowed to proceed, because the area is all sand dunes, these move over time, when the licenses were granted that was not a flood plane but it is now, i have some pictures of cocnut grove land but they wont help you because its sand dunes , I paste below a reply I got only a few days ago

    "Things are good mate..

    I am in Spain at the moment, as it's my sons birthday in a few days so i will be there.

    Breaking ground, we are still on track, they have had the wettest first 4 months since recording began J, pouring down for not just days, but weeks ... ""

    he has told me, that he will be breaking ground around september this year and i must admit it has taken a while to get this far, but im feel safe enough to give the project ago.. There is a new eco resort a mile or so down the road right on the beach, which is big posh and expensive, so investment is definately going on there and five miles up the coast a large costa del sol style hotel being built right on the beach, far enough away from cocnut grove thank god, if you decide to pay the area a visit let me know and i will give you some tips, especially where to stay.. "
  9. Hi, I actually bought a plot of land at Praia Luxuosa at Flexeiras. It is not the same development as coconut grove. Kapital International Investment is the developer of this site and they have showed me all licenses. The great thing about them is the UK office with great communication, so you can phone and have all your questions answered easily.
    The development is not really in the middle of nowhere, as 2-3 km each way there are villages with all facilities.
    Check their website and contact them. I am very pleased with the service I received. Thank you and good luck.
  10. dhoskings

    dhoskings New Member

    Hmmmm, let me guess who you work for ... :rolleyes:
  11. Hello,
    Samuel is actually one of my clients and he pointed me to this forum as it is quite unfair to speak about us and our development without doing the home work properly.

    Kapital International Investment does own the land (Praia Luxuosa development)and we do things properly. We have all licenses and most of our clients have already received their deeds for their land. We have nothing with coconut grove and it is not the same land. Our land has all necessary licenses and wouldn’t have it if the land was under water and a flood plane.

    The distance to the development from Fortaleza, is not 2 hours, not sure who have been there, but can take a bit longer than 1 hour from parts of the city, but definitely not 2 hours.

    With regards to cost of the land, prices per m² for developments similar to ours are far more than what we sell for. Prices varies from R$80 to over R$100 per m² in that area principally because is an area that is growing a lot in popularity for the amazing water sports that offers. The capital growth is been increasing rapidly and soon there won´t be any more land under R$100/m².

    As for the construction cost, funny enough was mentioned in one of the replies from £160-£900 per m². I do not believe you can build a quality home, with swimming pool and garden from £160/m². We say £300-£600 per m² and it all depends on quality and packages chosen by the client.

    Kapital International Investment is a serious company and we are proud to say that. Our relationship with Brazil is for a long term and the group has over 20 years experience in property market.

    Do check our website and contact us directly if you have any further queries that we will be delighted to assist.
  12. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Hi, Kapital, welcome to the forums and thanks for your participation. I've sent you a pm with a question you may be able to help me with.
  13. Coqueiro

    Coqueiro New Member

    Villages with all facilities :D good one!

    Acabamento (the finish) can be a nightmare expect the worst, ie not sanding between coats of varnish and slap dash plastering and painting. There are so many poor quality and cheap products for the popular local market available you want to ensure your not paying top money and getting them - that is not easy if you are not on the ground or familiar with Brazilian building materials or methods unfortunately.

    I would say look to pay R$1000m2 and that would get you

    Tigre, pipes and fittngs
    Decca, or better taps and fittings toilet sinks etc
    Lafonte (aka Yale), or better locks
    Solar Hot water system (and in the kitchen taps)
    Transmontina kitchen sink
    Good tiles maybe porcelain
    Granite work tops
    Simonasi or better roof tiles and bricks
    Farmed wood (ie Eucalyptus) to be used in roofing (if you give a f*ck about the rain forest of course)
    Angelin for doors and windows. If Eucalyptus cannot be used
    Plastered walls
    split style air con
    roof fans
  14. Reply to JMBroad

    Hi JMBroad, sorry taking ages to contact you. I dont really check the forum to be honest, too busy!! Anyway you said you sent me a pm with question, but I don´t think I got it. Please do not hesitate to contact me through here or through our contacts on website. Many thanks.
  15. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder New Member

    I purchased a plot of land in Prair Luxuosa in 2008 with Kapital International who are based in Edinburgh. I now have been informed the environmental licence required renewing in June 2009. Kapital International Investment are still marketing these plots; Freehold villa plots with full planning permission and licenses. The infrastrure was promised to be started in 2009. I suggest you ask Keith Punler direct at Kapital International Investment. His reply might interest you.
  16. Land Searcher

    Land Searcher New Member

    Dear Bob

    I have the same problem with yours and I am really happy that there is someone else that share the same problem with me. I purchased land from Kapital International Investment Ltd on the Praia Luxuosa development on June 2010. I was informed that the license of installation was valid until 9th June 2009. Nobody had contact with me during my purchase that I could not built on the plot and I was really shocked. I contacted Keith Pulner and he answered that he is waiting a reply from his lawyer concerning this matter (licenses). So far i dont have any news. If you have any update please share it with us in the forum
  17. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder New Member

    Kapital have sold about 60 plots to clients and most don’t realise the licencing problems. I was promised the infrastructure would start summer 2009, then it was changed to the end of the year and so on.... Now it is duifficult to get a response from Kapital, if you telephone them, they just say, "their office manager is away in Brazil". I think the staff have smelt a big fat RAT and have left the company. It would be a good idea to start a forum for all the buyers. If the group has to take legal action, it would be much easier if we did it together. Let me know your thoughts.
  18. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Welcome to the forums, albeit under unfortunate circumstances.

    Do you have more details on the development, perhaps a link to a website or something?
  19. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    The question (which I obviously ended up forgetting to send) was actually going to be with the intent of having you explain to me how Samuel Burnside who posted earlier defending the development is merely a concerned client and you are a serious company but as it happens you are both posting on the forums from the same computer (or at least sitting next to each other)?

    The intention was to give you a warning and ban one of the accounts however as you haven't got 5 posts yet I can't send you a private message. But I have banned the SB account and you can consider yourself warned.
  20. Bob the builder

    Bob the builder New Member

    Praia Luxuosa environmental licence issues

    See below link to the site as requested. The site actually states on the home page; Full planning permission, although renewal date for the environmental licence was June 2009 and never been renewed. Also, didn't think it was necessary to communicate with agents who are marketing Praia Luxuosa or clients who purchaced before June 2009. What about the clients who purchased after June 2009. Kapital are still marketinging these plots with literature stating full planning permission.

    www kapitalinternational co.uk
  21. Land Searcher

    Land Searcher New Member

    Dear Bob

    As you can clearly see in the previous post from the Moderator is that Kapital International is using very "weired" techniques to attract his customers. I am very dissapointed to see that. I think a legal action is neccessary so I intend to give you my details privately to communicate each other. I hope other buyers read the post and show their intentions for this matter.
  22. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    To remain impartial I have to say that there is no proof whatsoever that the company is using weird techniques - a number of possibilities exist including for example a rogue and overambitious junior sales person.

    Two years ago I had a junior member of our sales team join this forum using our company name as his login name and although he didn't do anything underhand he made a couple of stupid remarks which cost him his ability to post on the forums and his employment.

    Unfortunately there is no way the company can be held responsible for something a member of their staff do without their knowledge and there is no way to prove that they had any knowledge of what happened.

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