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  1. queenie40something

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    Hi has anyone given a thought to health insurance. I have found out the following for those in in Egypt. A package has been made especially for foreign residents.

    The price for a complex package is about 1500 LE per year (~190 Euro). You get the insurance at the Nile Hospital, El Gouna Hospital, El Salam Hospital and Red Sea Hospital in Hurghada. You will be able to get more info from the hospitals.

    The Nile package coverage is without limit for cost, easy access: no pre-examination, all ages, for women free deliveries and a pay-back-system for renewers. also free post-mortem-storage.

    Royal Care Internation has 3 packages 1000le per annum, 1500 and 2000.
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    This is a very subject especially for those wanting to move out to Egypt we shouldn't forget our health,well done queenie.
  3. Nefertary

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    Hi, i heared about Nile insurance and they offered me there and the price not bad, but i worry about the quality of medical service that I will get there, since a lot of talks about that. Who can tell me something about that...I wory from visiting any doctor with insurance or not....So need some advice...
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    Not used it ourselves, but several people I know have used El Gouna hospital for various things and all speak very highly of the staff, the quality of care and premises.:)
  5. Nefertary

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    can you tell me some info about the prices in El Gouna to make insurance package and do they have any family programms
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    Hi, found the following info on Red Sea Pages website about El Gouna Hospital

    El Gouna Hospital


    El Gouna Hospital offers a very special Medical Service Program to all residents of the Red Sea, Egyptians and foreigners. This program covers all services of the El Gouna Hospital (see exact specification on the application form) and was created to cover the risks of high expenses in the hospital someone could face in case of an accident or illness. Treatment for inpatients and outpatients is covered. Minimum time period to join is 3 months, ideal for foreigners with short term contracts in the Red Sea.

    It even makes sense to join, if you have insurance in your country. You will avoid complicated procedures in refunding the money you paid to the hospital in Egypt and it covers more than insurance cases only. You are welcome to visit the hospital for a medical check-up including all tests necessary, for any need of a doctor, independent if you are

    sick or just want tobe sure about your health status.

    Let's have a short look to two cases not being covered by the program: pregnancy and birth during the 1st year of joining the program and dental services. For a foreigner it has even for the excluded cases a big advantage: if there are any charges not covered by the program, the prices for Egyptians are applicable and for the dental services you get on top of that a further discount of 20% on the prices for Egyptians.

    The hospital itself is a first class private hospital with state of the art equipment and excellent doctors and nurses. A standard that is hard to find, even in Europe. If you are Egyptian and want to enjoy the services of a private hospital have a look at this program. If you are a foreigner living here in Egypt and being insured at home it makes sense to join, if you are here without having insurance it is a must. Attractive group discounts!

    It also has its own website which is (I can't paste links yet) elgounahospital dot

    Hope that helps
  7. Nefertary

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    Thanks a lot for info, I think really will visit site and then will visit it in real, because as it written in article if you dont have insurance it's a must..:(
  8. dave99

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    Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. steve11

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    have you got any websites for the insurances? cannot readily get details of insurance from www elgounahospital com eg so would welcome your suggestions?
  10. queenie40something

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  11. philthecar

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    can anybody tell us what the dentists are like in hurghada and also whether they do cosmetic dentistry and the cost of dental treatment in general
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    You could consider El Gouna Hospital . They reportedly have very high standards.

    El-Gouna Hospital
  13. Best 2 Dentist in TOwn Dr. Ayman Nasef, and Dr. Nayer
    and I realy don't recommend any hospitals around.
    and if i were you if i have a chance to go to cairo i will do
  14. GM43

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    Ayman Nasef is not good, but Dr Nayer Fahmy in Dahar is very good and professional, he really likes his work!

    I am always going to the Nile Hospital.
  15. propertywatch1

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    Have been to Ayman Nasef he was excellent his work was good and the prices are ok.
  16. GM43

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    maybe because I am woman, I didn't feel comfortable with him at all, my husband was not with me, only my son, then 9-10 years old. This was approx 8 years ago.
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    Has anyone used an optician in Hurghada? Is it cheaper than the Uk?
    Is it worth using them and can you save money doing so?
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    Hi all - I have renamed the thread from Health Insurance to Healthcare in Egypt and merged the dentistry and opticians thread into this one.
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  20. queenie40something

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    Hi Icywill

    The opticians in Sharm are alot cheaper than the UK. I will certainly be taking my prescription with me next time.
    See here Browse by categories: Top > Health & Medicine > Opticians

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