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Have you taken possession of your off plan property yet.

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by queenie40something, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi all

    I know that a few have now been given their keys for their new homes whether it be holiday home or permanent home.

    Could you share your experiances good or bad.

    Was the handover on time - if not did the developer pay out the late penalty.

    Has everything lived up to your expectations.

    Have you used your new home yet or rented it out - any problems to look out for.

    Any tips for other buyers awaiting keys.

    Personally I have just had an update from my developer to say that my zone will be completed at the end ofJune which is tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance for your comments advice
  2. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    How come no replies

    I'm surprised that this has no replies - I would have thought that there are now plenty of projects that have been completed.

  3. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    I'm not have you not noticed all the problems in Hurghada, what a snake pit!!!!!!!
  4. CMChris

    CMChris New Member

    Well I haven't got the keys in my hand but I'm really pleased with my apartment at Sunset Pearl. I've completed now and all that remains to make it habitable is putting the furniture in and that's a 'work in progress'. After the WWD fiasco we were very well treated by Pyramisa and any questions or problems were answered promptly and fully. Thank you to Mr.Azab and his team for this. The whole complex should be finished by October as stated per contract. We are not being 'held to ransom' as to who we can use to rent out or swingeing rental fees being taken. Sunset Pearl is in a beautiful location and the facilities are fantastic. I'm really REALLY pleased with having made the decision to buy here and am really looking forward to plenty of happy times there.
  5. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    Good on you CMChris. There are good developments out there and that includes Hurghada too. Cheers and enjoy your place in the sun!! :)
  6. crombiestone

    crombiestone New Member

    We bought a one bed apartment off plan in El Gouna in 2004 . The apartment was delivered on time ,to the day (30 Months long contract but we agreed that at time of purchase) and despite a few snagging problems ,everything was sorted promptly . We have owned the place for 2.5 years years during which prices rose stupidly .They have dropped a bit since but TBH I still think they are too high .

    Although I'm not sure how easy it would be to sell at the suposed current developers price,(trying to compete with the developer is difficult when they also control most of the re-sales),I have no intention to sell anyway .

    We have had a great year for rentals this year (over 100 nights of holiday rentals confirmed already) . We have no loans or mortgages so the rental income is paying for the apartment upkeep and for us to have a couple of trips out each year .

    We are hoping to move out there ,for at least a year ,next summer and we have never regretted buying the apartment for a moment .

    I have been catching up with the goings on in Hurghada .If you read my posts from 2/3 years ago and whilst no one could have forecasted how hard the recession would be ,I still had my worries about the property explosion in Hurghada back then. I hope that current issues work out for all .
  7. charliesurf

    charliesurf New Member


    What an alarming reply, perhaps you can enlighten me to as why you feel is such a snake pit ?


    LADY MUKK New Member

  9. charliesurf

    charliesurf New Member

    Sorry to hear you are having problems, I am not without my own !!!!!! surely though a sweeping comment is unfair on the good developers ?

    The only way to sort the good from the bad is to name and shame, allowing others to gain from experience of lessons hard learned.

  10. t.rob

    t.rob New Member

  11. charliesurf

    charliesurf New Member

    surely the point of this communication is just that, a means of communicating our experiences. If you do/dont recommend something/someone, then share it...?
  12. charliesurf

    charliesurf New Member

    dealing with factual information should be encouraged amongst the group.......

    LADY MUKK New Member

  14. t.rob

    t.rob New Member

  15. TeaBoy

    TeaBoy Guest

    Hi Charlie, Neil's statement was a sweeping statement true and yes it was hard against other developers however can you show me one development that has been completed and say 12 months after everyone is happy? I know there were lots of praise for BR and Iradia however we have heard from owners in both asking for details of the Egyptian authorities that we as a group are using for our own issues, they have found us on other sites.

    There are good developers, I know but I would say they are only around 10% of the total builders/developers in Hurghada and its not only the developers/builders. There are agencies in Hurghada selling apartments on a development we all know is a minefield, but can't name that BELONG to UK owners who have furnished and have personal possessions in them. They are selling them without the owners knowledge and are stating in writing that the green contract is available and the apartments can be registered, the bank owns the development becuase it has a mortgage on it.

    Neil has worked so hard trying to negotiate a deal for us on the unnamed development and everytime he just gets stabbed in the back, I am amazed he carries on because he won't take a penny of us for the help he has given. There are other forums with information on, however some are biased towards the builders so be careful which ones you read. This one has had threats of legal action as you will see on the main page and this will give you an idea of who we are talikng about.

    It is also clear the solicitors in Hurghada can't be trusted, not all of them but a majority.

    I agree with the other statements I wish I ahd bought in Sunset Pearl, a completed development :congrats: to Pyramisa.

    So where have you bought Charlie?

    LADY MUKK New Member

    Hi teaboy

    i also brought at the development you speak about so know what is going on there and its a bloody disgrace, they should all be ashamed of themselves the way they have treated us, and thrown in jail!!!

    Neil has been an absolute hero in this as hes helped us all for no financial gain, if it wasn't for him getting us all together we would have lost everything a long time ago and 'they' would be laughing all the way to the bank. At least i have sunset pearl as consolation. So thank you neil and pyramisa fort saving my sanity!!!
  17. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Hi Charlie, if you can get any factual information then well done, what is needed is the intervention of the authorities to regulate the real estate business. There is a company selling a development that has a 25mLE mortgage on the land and stating in writing that there isn't and it's all rumours plus the apartments have already been bought by UK buyers and being sold without their knowledge, how can anyone buy a property in Egypt with things like this going on. Everyone reading this if you are thinking of buying be very careful and do lots of research before you do.
  18. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Back from 3 weeks in sunny Sharm!!

    Can we please get this thread back on track.

    HAS anyone else taken possesion of their off plan apartment??

    Well I did 18 months ago and had many holidays. Anyone else??
  19. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    El Andalous, Sahl Hasheesh

    Hi we're also just back from sunny El Gouna. Didn't see too much sun as spent quite a bit of time furnishing our apartment in El Andalous, Sahl Hasheesh, which we've had for almost a year now!

    El Andalous was built by Obrit Developers, who have also done Palm Beach Piazza and are doing Ocean Breeze at Sahl Hasheesh. We are delighted with it and the finish is very good.

    We took a chance when we purchased as we'd never visited Sahl Hasheesh before, but when we finally visited, despite El Andalous just being a plot of sand, we knew we'd made the right choice with the location and just hoped the build turned out OK. Thankfully Orbit have delivered a unit far above our expectations. The finish in the apartments is excellent with some nice touches i.e very contemporary showers with sauna and massage facilities. The pools and gardens are kept immaculate and the main reception area has been done very attractively with an Egyptian theme. My only regrets are that if we'd dug a bit deeper in our pockets we could have had the same layout apartment on the opposite side of the block which has absolutely stunning views of the bay. Trouble is its really hard to tell when buying off plan as it depends very much on what they build next door as to what view you end up with!

    We had a lovely kitchen fitted from Nile Kitchens and most of the furniture has just been made from photos sent over the internet to George Sabry of Wood Art Shop, (almost next to Nile Kitchen on El Nasr Street). They have done an excellent job and the wooden furniture they have copied is really solid and good quality, so can highly recommend them.

    All we need now is for the shops and restaurants to open in the Old Town, which will bring in a bit of life to the resort. I have no doubt that Sahl Hasheesh has the potential to be an absolutely stunning resort - it already has a beautiful bay and some very good snorkelling, and certainly a place that I will enjoy visiting in the future.


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  20. Dear Penny,

    We might never met before but this is Margeret George Wife and I would like to thank you for you nice words and recommendations for our work.
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