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Has anyone used a good property investment company in the UK? Please advise

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by ozInvestor, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. ozInvestor

    ozInvestor New Member

    Hoping someone could give me some advice about buy-to-let in the UK. I want to build a property portfolio but haven't got the time to do research on what areas to buy, want to buy properties for less then £150k and then rent out. Have been looking at companies like Azzets, Imagine Homes, TIC Invest and all charge different fees. Has anyone bought properties through these companies or one that you would recommend? I know most people would say best to do your own research but the main benefit of going through one of the investment companies is they get bulk discounts.

    If anyone help with some advice, much appreciated.

  2. Gerry Pridham

    Gerry Pridham New Member

    Dear Ozinvestor,

    My fellow investors tell me that I should have got beyond using sourcing agents, but I am time poor, so still do. At the end of last year, I bought 11 properties in the Durham area via sourcing company run by Mark Ryder (not sure I can post his company on here since I'm still a junior member. Anyway, I think the purchase price worked out at about 5% to 10% BMV, but I have bought conventionally with 15% deposits, and no tie in mortgage. Now about six months into the cycle, I have 8 let for gross yields of around 7%, and am waiting about another year to remortgage, hopefully to extract most of the capital invested. Not outstanding investments, by any means, but more realistic than buying newbuilds at headline 15% to 20% below OMV, which never stack. Mark sold his inhouse letting agency early this year, but the guy who took over is very much on the ball. I'm happy with the North East purchases, and look to increase holdings by a similar mechanism to about 20 in total - just waiting for winter, hoping to get some good deals from motivated sellers.

  3. exotictraveller

    exotictraveller New Member

    Try Your Property Club

    Dear OzInvestor,

    Try Brett Wood from YourPropertyClub. I have bought a couple through them and they are great, they have heaps of free articles about the UK market. I assume you are from Australia as is Brett the owner so I am sure he can sort you out.


  4. Dallas

    Dallas New Member

    Uk Property

    I work for a Uk cash buying company. I have sourced 2.3 Million in last 2 months with just shy of 7 million in legals at an average discount of 21% to value and yielding over 7.5%. I am leaving my job to set up my own sourcing company and are looking for buyers. Let me know your minimum return and I could source to your requirements. Averaging 4 -5 qualified opportunities a day.
  5. Are you looking for properties inside Uk or overseas property?
  6. Dallas

    Dallas New Member

    Reply to \uk property

    I source you property in the UK and are setting up an Australian operation. Are you a buyer? ArWhat is your requirements?
  7. Dallas

    Dallas New Member

    Reply to \uk property

    I source you property in the UK and are setting up an Australian operation. Are you a buyer? What is your requirements?
  8. Damian George

    Damian George New Member

    hi dallas,

    what are you doing oz - at the moment i am establishing a Oz Mortgage comany in the uk for expats, and investors.
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