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Has anyone invested in western new york?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by evey7, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. evey7

    evey7 New Member

    Hi just wonderng has anyone invested in Roschester or buffalo?
    They seem to be good value and most are fully tenanted.
    also is there a sure way of finding out if the company selling the properties are genuine?
    many thanks
  2. bhc

    bhc New Member

    There are better areas

    Its simple to check ownership. Just ask to see the deeds or check the tax number it shows who owns the property.
    I buy at auction and pay as little as £3000.
  3. DC

    DC Member

    Heard it was a racquet so be careful.
  4. Simes

    Simes New Member


    My business partner in Ohio gets very upset at people touting for investors in the areas of Buffalo and around NYC state, as he is well aware of the facts and figures for that area and having stayed there for a few months, knows full well what it is like.

    If you read the article on our website, under the tab Middletown v. Buffalo you will see why he does NOT recommend buying there.

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  5. Jonathanw

    Jonathanw New Member

    So BHC you think its a good investment? These websites make it sound way too goo too be true. And judging by simes post it is too good to be true......

    Anyone with any real first hand experience?
  6. bhc

    bhc New Member

    Yeh yeh Yeh

    I have been in property for over 20 years. if you go out tomorrow and pay 100.000 dollars in Florida chances are you are going to lose money.
    I got a nice house in Missouri for 6500 dollars, its got one of the lowest crime rates in the US.
    Im not going to lose money to it.
    Its bargain basement time.
  7. BellaVistaGroup

    BellaVistaGroup New Member

    Be very careful who you deal with. I work with alot of UK investors who have told me absolute horror stories. Get everything in writing, read the contract carefully, and if you don't have tenants within 1 month, change management!!

    Remember, it's cheap property, but sometimes there is work to be done, and money is going to have to be invested in the property.
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