Has anyone brought at The Trees Residence on Phuket

Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by topgear, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. topgear

    topgear New Member

    Dear All

    I recently brought a one bed condo at The Trees Residence in Phuket, just trying to hook up with other purchasers in the same development. I have other property in the UAE and it has certainly been beneficial to know other owners on those properties. Its always interesting to know if we are all being told the same stories by developer's. Especially when it comes down to delays etc etc. I am based in the UK, so as a long distance owner the web is usually the best source of info.

    Would be good to hear you.....

  2. Veyron

    Veyron New Member

    the trees residence

    Hi... ive bought a one bed condo at the trees, It seems to be coming on nicely
  3. topgear

    topgear New Member

    Nice to hear from you, we brought unit BB2 back in Jan and I have to say I have been really impressed with progress and their communication etc etc.

    Originally when I started this page it was because we had problems with other developments in other countries that we have purchased, in that the builders would not always tell everyone the same answers to questions and could be less than truthful with buyers. We found that having contact with other buyers meant it was easier to keep tabs on things.

    But I have to say that this development has been really good, the communication via the website and from the offcie has been excellent. The twice a month picture updates have been great and we can't wait to see the finished product.

    We are based in the UK, my contact details are 0781 0004317. Feel free to contact me or see you for a beer in Phuket.
  4. erikko

    erikko New Member

    reading those good reviews makes me buy a condo there one of these days (that if it's still on sale)
  5. topgear

    topgear New Member


    I'm almost certain that this one sold out a while ago, check out thetreesresidencecom, they do have another development just stated which is zenspace-livingcom

    Don't worry I don't work for them, the guy I deal with in Phuket is Chris Ball (English) at there sales office.

    Good luck
  6. Sean@Phuket

    [email protected] New Member

    Hey erikko.

    If Three Trees Residences has sold out there are plenty of other developments around the island offering the same fantastic services as those stated...

  7. kate2tech

    kate2tech New Member

    trees residence

    Just found your post. Yes we have a 1 bed condo at the trees residence. We visited in February 09 and managed to stay there even though it was not completely finished. However of late there has been little communication about the leaseback scheme and apparently some improvements need to be made but they are not telling us what or why :-(

    Very disappointed as it seems that typically once they get your money they ignore you :-( Have you heard anything?? We wanted to receive a return on our investment which we were originally told would start in April this year. Now there is nothing until December. As we were never told this until July, we have lost the opportunity to rent the unit out ourselves. We would be really grateful to hear any other information you might be able to provide or whether you are in touch with any of the other on site or overseas owners.
    Many thanks


    What tower do you have your unit in?
  8. WAuser

    WAuser New Member

    Problems with the Trees residence

    Glad to say that Chris Ball has been very helpful in sorting out the transfer of my unit, and refund of money I overpaid for my furniture package, despite some miscommunication prior to his involvement. The units seem to be finished to a high standard and minor faults were quickly addressed.

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