Good news 30% growth in local terms, 15% in real terms

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In 2007, bulgaria grew the fastest in property prices than anywhere in the world, when inflation was adjusted, this actually dropped to 15%, when you compare that to places like the UK 7% in real terms (inflation adjusted),it shows if you shifted your capital, you were making double your money.

It surprised me, but 1 up for Bulgaria.

Jain and Chris

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Yes, it was an excellent result and from what the agents are telling us, the trend is already continuing in these first few weeks of 2008.

We've noticed a lot of businesses now moving in to the country; not surprising really with a corporation tax rate of only 10% !

The buyers in 2007 changed too. They generally had much more money to spend and rather than thinking "cheap" they were looking for "quality".

I believe this is making a case for "it's stylish, it's chic..... and it's Bulgaria!"
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