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good lawyers in dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by martinm, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. martinm

    martinm New Member

    hi iam looking for a lawyer in dubai to take care of purchase of an apartment, that speaks english an ist hard to pay?
  2. reasonant

    reasonant New Member

    I have dealt with Sunil Thacker of TLG for two of my properties. Of all the lawyers I have met, I found him to be the best. I have already recovered monies for one of my matter from Court of Appeals. Check this out too
  3. aligoldy

    aligoldy New Member

    Advise Please

    Have you won the case? what type of case did you have? Do you have more tangible information I can see? I can't access the twitter sunil thacker site. Could you please tell me more as I have a problem also in Dubai?



  4. reasonant

    reasonant New Member

    Yes I have for two properties. One for a property in Dubai (the first ever judgement from the Supreme court on property law) and one in Ajman. If you are having probelms accessing the twitter page you can check Dubai Property Investors - Ecademy. Thanks.
  5. aligoldy

    aligoldy New Member

    Fantastic news!!!
    Have you physically received the money back in your hand?

    Can I see the results of the case on the supreme court website?

    I have some friends in teh media over in Dubai do you want to publish the story? It would provide confidence to soo many people who are in fear about our money trapped in Dubai!!

    I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your every email.


  6. reasonant

    reasonant New Member

    Sorry, its better you get in touch with them (directly) and discuss your ideas. Thanks.
  7. Veronica

    Veronica Administrator

    This thread is over 4 years old so no longer relevant
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