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Good French Property websites?

Discussion in 'French Property' started by rsimmons, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. rsimmons

    rsimmons New Member


    I'm in the UK looking to purchase a number of real estate properties in France, in particular the Aquitaine region.

    Can anyone recommend any websites (with a good reputation) for purchasing properties in Aquitaine or just France in general?

  2. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Hi, its a while since I looked at any of these sites (12 months plus), but they may be useful. Notes are those I made at the time.

    A good tip, that you no doubt have thought of already, is to visit the area and stay at a B&B run by an expat. Quite often they prove to be very knowledgeable. One I stayed with in Langudoc region managed properties in the area for other British buyers. His local knowledge proved valuable. (I didn't buy in the end, and that was in part due to having such a good sounding board.)

    Very good site
    French Property in Brittany - Limousin - Dordogne - France - Midi-pyrenees - South of France - buy a house in Vendee Aquitaine - Poitou Charentes - Loire Valley - French property for sale France - Brittany property
    French Leaseback Site
    Assetz France - French Property Leaseback and Classic Investment Property & Leasebacks
    Interesting alternative to Leaseback, though only 4% guaranteed rental if
    want all of property appreciation and forced sale after 5 years by looks of
    things. Still, looks nice than much of leaseback stuff. Prices are higher
    OK site. Tricky to find what you want as can't simply search on leaseback.
    Have some classical purchase for rental with guaranteed (minimal?) rentals.
    Latitudes French Property Agents : Properties for sale and Leaseback purchases in France
    OK site. All new build, so its off plan stuff from what I can see. One or
    two cheaper Provence pads (larger too) that are more geared to long term
    lets. (Residential areas and flats bit bigger than ones on golf courses.)
    New build property in France - Off plan French properties and new build homes for sale throughout France
    Langudoc Region:- Specialise in restoring old buildings and then renting
    out via leaseback. Convent looked v.good.
    Garrigae investissements
    OK site. Has Signes in Langudoc section, but only at 4% rental.
    (Previously 5%.) Suspect this site is not updated as often as it should be.
    ¤French Leaseback investments¤
    Small selection of leaseback
    Leaseback Real Estate France - French LMP Property Investment
    OK site.
    Listing Details
    Garrigae. Specialise in leaseback in LR region. Loved the converted
    Garrigae investissements
  3. Lynda Saxton

    Lynda Saxton New Member

    Aquitaine Property for sale

    Because of a divorce I need to sell my 4 beth 2 bath fully renovated French property in the South West of France, I am willing to take a substantial reduction in price: contact [email protected]
  4. rsimmons

    rsimmons New Member

    hey thanks for all the info
  5. Steve Robert

    Steve Robert New Member


    The sites mentioned by Soup dragon are specifically targetted for investment property, there are also other larger portals that have a good selection of investment property: most notably Internet French Property, FPL and Greenares.
    I prefer Internet French Property, it's just a historic fondness as I found my first french property on this website years ago and I have recently had success advertising privately on them aswell.

    I hope this helps

  6. davidbrett

    davidbrett New Member


    Hope you find website of Vefuk useful for purchasing French Property

  7. Lynda Saxton

    Lynda Saxton New Member

    French Property Agency

    I have my property advertised by vefuk since the spring, and I have not had any response, they have not contacted me with possible clients, nor have they returned any of my phone calls or e-mails, as they an English company they work through French agents in the specific area of the property for sale, and you never find out who those agents are.
    My property so I have been told is worth 260,000 euros and I have reduced it to 195,000 because I need a quick sale due to a divorce. There is no reason that my property should not sell for that price as it is a bargain, and in beautiful condition, but I get the feeling from veful that they really only put much effort into selling a property if it is over the 500,000 euro price tag.
  8. CaroleBay

    CaroleBay Senior Member


    2007 does seem to have been slower than previous years for buyers of French property (certainly British and Irish buyers - last years figures were just less than 31,000).

    There was a report earlier this year from one of the French property exhibitions in UK, that people are taking their time looking for and considering which property to buy - quite different from the 'I've seen and gotta have' attitude.

    Advertising is an expensive minefield, and finding the best place to advertise is similar to pinning the tail on the donkey.

    Obviously there are the magazines and the exhibitions that specialise in French property sales, but I feel that circulation numbers and visitors are declining (so are the numbers of exhibitors).

    Internet advertising can be very effective, but saying that, you may be targetting the world to sell a tiny patch somewhere in France.

    Aren't the local immobilier and estate agents the better bet ?
    Anyone who is wanting to buy in a certain department/region will ferret them out through the local immo mags or by internet searches.

    One particular site I tend to point people towards is frenchpropertylinks - it covers the whole of France and has thousands of properties for sale by immo's, agents and private vendors. It's a useful site for comparing prices throughout the regions.

    Carole Bayliss
  9. evita

    evita New Member

    Good website for buying French Property


    A good website should have a nationwide portfolio of properties, not just localised in a particular area. It must also have lot of useful information on taxation, legal procedure, buying process etc. Also to mention there should be a full support service and knowledgeable people to assist you in the buying process before and after.

    In this regard, I found the website ApartForSale very complete and professional. It's a license french real estate agent and they deal directly with developers in France. I know they can do customised search based on your criteria free of charge. I cannot post the link but if you google ApartForSale, you will find it over the internet.

    Good luck with your search! France is a beautiful country.

    Christine :)

  10. Mark Russell

    Mark Russell New Member

    Good French Property Websites

    Try limousinhomes com They only cover the Limousin region of France and some properties in Poitou Charentes but there is lots of choice and it is an easy to use website.
  11. Good property sites

    Hello. I agree that French property links is a good one as is Prime location (once you can navigate around it). Do a google search within your local area for immobilier+Aquitaine - but I'd advise you to only work with fully registered estate agents and not UK brokers.
    French estate agents must have a license and are governed by strict regulations which are there to protect buyer and seller. Unfortunately many UK "agents" start up and class themselves as Brokers - a middle man between you and the French agency. They take their money from the Frenchy agency and this obviously means that there's less room for negotiation by the buyer as the French agent has to factor in the middle mans's commission! Add to this and the fact that the vast majority of them are working totally illegally in France, you're much better putting your time into finding a real, English-speaking, fully registered agency.

    You'll recognise a real French agency as they'll be able to give you their Carte Professionnelle number and the amount they hold a guarantee for.

    Wishing you the very best of luck in your property search!
    Claire Healy
    Attika International
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  12. melanie123456

    melanie123456 New Member

    Just a quick note if you are planing a visit La Tourane near Font Romeu is a great little hotel run by Dave, tell him that Melanie recomended him and prepare for a warm welcome and good food
  13. seymour

    seymour New Member

    French Property For Sale

    I would recommend seymour-james which comes out number one on google for property south west france.
  14. webvivre

    webvivre New Member

    Please try 1st for French Property
  15. misch.chief

    misch.chief New Member

    A couple of my friends have used "Cannes Riviera Properties", search them in Google - what I was impressed with was the company nature, fairly small, lovely people and good ethics - they will get you a good deal, although their prices can be quite expensive
  16. turncoat

    turncoat New Member

    good reputation (N)

    but i've just used them
    the other problem is that they charge a fee. :S

    Don't know whether its worth it but i used them. More because i was intrigued and thinknig of getting into property in germany.
    But they do for FRANCE too.
    Well any where in Europe

    Just tell them what you want, how much you have and they find upto ten suitable properties.

    You pay 0.1% of your budget and they do reductions if you look for more than one property.

    I was looking for two in germany, a 2bed flat in berlin (they sent me only 6 for that) and a 5bed house in the countryside (they sent me 11 :S) lol.

    They charged me 0.05% of my berlin budget
    and 0.075% of the countryside one.

    Well worth it.
    The one they found in the country was well worht it

    Email if interested, well message me here yeah?

    Hope this is useful.
    I found the site to be very much soo! :)
  17. Krek.

    Krek. New Member

    I'm a strong advocat for buying directly from the owner. In France this will save you 6% or more. Have a google search for 'maison à vendre particulier' or "particulier a particulier" or "entre particuliers".
  18. ildkinvestments

    ildkinvestments New Member

    We used Home for French Pyrenees Property

    They are english agents fully registered and licensed in the South West of France. They are direct with the owners of the property they sell and also they will search out specific properties in specific locations if you need them to

    Steer clear of a company called ABAFIM - based in Tarbes - they are con merchants!!
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  19. ninjette

    ninjette New Member

    Maisons de Biarritz


    The website is not the most user friendly, however the properties they sell are well worth a look at. The company is currently selling properties (apartments, suites and villas) within a 4 star resort, names "Amadia" on the Basque coast (near Biarritz).

    maisons-de-biarritz dot com
    Hope this is of some interest...
  20. Mark Russell

    Mark Russell New Member


    Just be careful of some companies - look at the website vefukusers for some interesting case studies.
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