Good day everyone - introducing myself and a question on Tilbury!



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Good day everyone!

I'm based in Seattle, USA . I'm so happy to have discovered this forum and look forward to interacting with all of you. I've invested in a fair few rental properties in the USA, and now looking to do the same in the UK.

So far, I've been hearing very good things about Tilbury as a great rental investment hotspot ( what with Brexit meaning increased port activity and the Amazon warehouses). I'd love to hear people's thoughts. I'm looking at a property worth not more than 300K for my first investment to get my feet wet.

Also, Is there a separate sub-forum or thread for foreign investors in the UK, especially Americans? I've spoken to local CAs here but they're clueless on how the taxation on any rental profit/cash flow works.

Again, very happy to be here and look forward to interacting with all of you!


Whether the UK manages to negotiate a deal with the EU before 31st of December or not is in many ways irrelevant. The UK and the EU will do a deal at some point, it is in the best interests of all parties, and the UK will be free to organise its own trade deals with other countries around the world. People forget that the UK Commonwealth is a huge establishment and opens up access to billions of potential customers around the world. While I don't know the Tilbury area, the expected increase in port activity can only be good for the local economy and hence local property prices. Whether an element of this expectation will already be in the price of property in the region remains to be seen.


There is no doubt that the next couple of years will be "choppy" for the UK economy whether or not a Brexit deal is signed. Many people actually believe that the EU is on the brink of collapse with internal squabbling, different tax regimes emerging across different members and the need to plough billions upon billions of euros into supporting economies. In essence we have Germany and France, and previously the UK, funding the European Union. How long can this go on before the French and German electorate have had enough?

This timing may turn out to be the best the UK could hope for if the EU does continue to have problems. In a worst-case scenario, the UK gets to arrange trade deals with countries around the world. Let's not forget, amidst all this doom and gloom and concern about the European Union, the UK is still one of the leading economies in the world. Fair enough, the UK may be on the outside looking in to the EU in just a few months but you need to follow the money to see what is really happening.


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At some point the UK and the EU will agree a relatively close trade deal and no matter how much the EU tries to find a replacement for the London financial markets, it won't. From what I read there are billions of euros in business loans to be rolled-over during the coming months and the European Union will be very much aware of this. As a consequence, I like your thinking, Tilbury certainly has potential going forward.