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Golfing in North East Brasil

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by michaelbush, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Golfingworld

    Golfingworld New Member

    Dee, well you do now..because I have played golf in Sharm El Sheikh! Firstly the course was fantasitic built by Trent Jones, secondly the cost was USD25 per round with buggy, thirdly it is a dry heat not humid, fourthly from the EC the flight time is less than Canaries from UK. Greens were USGA and irrigation very good, fairways were lush. I went for a week and enjoyed it but not SES much...nothing to do..but hotels are very good.."all inclusive" and all the entertainment is in the hotels anyway due to drinks off plan is a no no logic to going to a flat. Your friend that play golf are a very very small minority..any male tourism to Natal will go to PN and not 80km north, nor will they get up at 5am to travel 80km to play a round of golf! It is an absolute no no golf in NE me...good news is you can sit on your balcony and not get splattered with Titleist 1's as there won't be any golfer on the course! Long and the short of it is that whoever tried to sell these golf developments is in a dream world and those who buy thinking golfers will rent are in a bigger dream world!
  2. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    JM - have sent PM - would like to meet during your visit - let me know if you are coming to Natal.
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Yes I am, answered your PM
  4. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    right on

    Thats whats so funny.It is so humid,the golfers will be dropping one by one.This is not Spain.
  5. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    well said

    you are absolutely right!
  6. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    maintaining a golf course

    As yopu can see Natal is dry and arid,you would need an awful lot to try and keep the grass green and as we know you can only water very early morning or early evening .Might sound exotic,but god no experience.
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