Golf course in Pipa?



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I remember hearing a year or so ago there was an 18 hole golf course in the pipeline for Pipa. Does anyone know any more about this? Is it still in the thought stages or has work begun?

I think it was a Pipa Natureza development or at least located near to one of theirs.


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Thanks Rob, I thought that may be the case as there was nothing online about it.


I remember hearing a year or so ago there was an 18 hole golf course in the pipeline for Pipa
Not the next 10-15 years to come.
The national (BR) and international tourist industry have lost their appetite for Natal and it's surroundings as a tourist destination the last 5-6 years.
The flow of tourists and flights is declining fast.
I don't think they ever will recover that.
There are so many BETTER and CHEAPER places in Brazil and the world.
Come on, the most beautiful beaches in the world ?

Ofcourse, new hypes will appear:
New 'Thematic" (Disney??) Parks.
Hugh Marinas for the richman's yachts (Never !)

Despite the antibiotics and hormones you give to a chicken, she never will be a ostrich.
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Is that MoanRanger looking for the positives again?


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wishful thinking

Unfortunately the reality is that many of those promised hotel-, Condominium-, Resort- and Club developments in the North-eastern part of Brazil only materialize with many years of delay.
Or not at all, because they are a scam right from the beginning!

When you think that the information is wrong you have the opportunity to contradict and explain why you disagree. I do not claim to be an expert, but much, if not all, of what the Ranger talks about, seems correct.

Look at the ridiculously positive stories about the 'new' airport in Natal, the Stadium that might never be finished in time, the Golf course in Paraiba, promised about 5 years ago, along with three 5* hotel projects. The Natal Ocean Club, which has been changing their plans numerous times, etc. etc etc.. Even on this Forum I read about 15 projects with problems, delays or scams over the past 5 years!

As soon as something positive happens in Brazil, even 6000 km south, the property industry includes it in the publicity about something in the North-east. That is as unrealistic as comparing the north of Norway with something in Spain.

It would certainly work in favour of developers and their sales agents, when they could admit that their industry is far from perfect, and that not everything promised on the internet is true.

Is that MoanRanger looking for the positives again?