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Golden Tulip to manage RT7

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Popcorn, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Popcorn

    Popcorn New Member

    PL have just announced that they have signed a management contract with the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group for the operation of plot RT-7 (previously known as Les Jardins du Maroc).
  2. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Thats some more good news.
    Any plans for the golf villas VVT8 anyone aware of?
  3. Popcorn

    Popcorn New Member

    Not yet, but it should be announced shortly. PL can't release the info until the management company issue their own press release. PL's strength seems to be their links with hotel groups and hopefully they can introduce a good group to takeover from Barcelo.
  4. rorypops

    rorypops New Member

    First impressions are very disappointing! My student brother stays in Golden Tulip in Amsterdam for 20 quid per night!

    Not exactly what I would have expected for a 5 star resort!

    Anyone else disappointed??
  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Rory, I had a similar reaction when Radisson was announced as my only knowledge of them was the Radisson at Stansted which I think of as a budget travel lodge affair. Apparantly Radisson have posh hotels also.
  6. Popcorn

    Popcorn New Member

    This is the official press release from Golden Tulip

    Property Logic Signs Golden Tulip Hospitality Group to Operate the 234 unit
    Tulip Residenced within the Le Jardin de Fleur Resort Development
    in Saidia, Morocco

    Lausanne (CH), 15 October 2008 – Golden Tulip Hospitality Group signs management contract with Property Logic for upcoming Tulip Residence in Saïdia (Morocco).
    Golden Tulip Hospitality Group is proud to announce the signing of the management contract for its second Tulip Residence worldwide. The construction of the resort in Saidia, Morocco is well underway and is expected to be accomplished in October 2009.

    Tulip Residences Saïdia is comprised of 234 spacious residences ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms options to accommodate up to 1000 guests. As the rooms are intended for extended stays, they are fully serviced and equipped with home-like comfort. In addition, the resort will feature a Moroccan-style Clubhouse, 3 outdoor lagoon pools set amongst landscaped gardens, a themed restaurant and a café-bar, tennis courts and an amphitheatre for family entertainment.

    The resort will be located in the new leisure destination of Mediterrania-Saïdia on the northeast Mediterranean coast of Morocco, 30 minutes drive from Oujda International Airport. The 7,000,000 m2 area boasts 6 kilometres of unspoilt beaches, three 18 hole golf courses, a marina with over 1300 berths, 9 hotels, 3000 residential and touristic properties, conference facilities and a large range of sports, shopping, dining and entertainment options.

    Hans Kennedie, President and CEO of Golden Tulip Hospitality Group comments: “Tulip Residences are an ideal alternative to hotel rooms as they offer the leisure traveller fully-serviced, tastefully furnished properties that combine luxury and elegance with all the home-like comforts and services you could wish for. Saïdia is a fantastic location with immense potential so we are proud to choose this location to launch our first Tulip Residences concept outside Europe.”

    David Woodward, Director of Hotel & Commercial Operations at Property Logic and Developer of Le Jardin de Fleur Resorts in Saïdia adds: “We believe that Golden Tulip has a wealth of expertise in terms of service delivery, operations and reservations capacity. Their intuitive Tulip Residences brand is a perfect fit for Saïdia as it offers flexibility, exclusivity and luxury – the three cornerstones of the Le Jardin de Fleur brand.”

    About Golden Tulip Hospitality Group
    Golden Tulip Hospitality Group (Golden Tulip Hotels - Inns - Resorts), with its head office Lausanne, Switzerland, is a worldwide hospitality company with more than 780 hotels, 75.000 rooms in more than 50 countries. The Golden Tulip Hospitality Group franchises and manages hotels in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, the Asian Pacific Region and the Americas.

    As a multi-brand hospitality firm, the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group offers services in categories with different standards. Tulip Inn provides limited-service first-class category rooms in functional hotels, Golden Tulip and Tulip Residences are the brands for the Superior First-Class service with international standards of comfort and a local flavour, finally, the recently introduced five-star concept Royal Tulip stands for luxury and elegance. In addition Golden Tulip offers its services through its commercial alliance with TOP International, a German based hotel consortium.

    In the summer of 2008, Golden Tulip introduced the new F&B concept George & Co.. George & Co. will serve sweet and savoury classics featuring international fusion and healthy choices. Based on providing all-day eating options the restaurant offers a wide range of pre-prepared dishes from breakfast and light lunches to dinner and snacks. All products offered in George & Co. restaurants will be fully branded. George & Co. F&B concept will be implemented in Tulip Inns and Golden Tulip hotels.

    About Tulip Residences

    Following the continuous growth in demand in Europe for extended stay hotels, Golden Tulip Hospitality Group announced the launch of its new extended-stay brand concept in June 2008; “Tulip Residences” offers guests an experience of home-like comforts included in a functional hotel. The interior offerings of Tulip Residences are based on four-star functionality and coziness balanced with elements of luxury and elegance. Tastefully furnished studios and one-bedroom suites are equipped with high-definition televisions, free Wi-Fi connection, en suite bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen facility.

    About Property Logic:

    Property Logic is a leading global real estate developer specialized in creating high luxury resort communities in emerging destinations. Headquartered in Spain, the company is currently responsible for the design and construction of prestigious large-scale resort communities aimed at the exclusive luxury market.

    Through its flagship brand “Le Jardin de Fleur”, Property Logic has become the prominent leader in the tourist development of Mediterrania Saïdia, a 7 million square meter coastal development on the northeast coast of Morocco. Le Jardin de Fleur comprises of 11 resorts featuring villas, townhomes, residences and clubhouses.

    In 2006 the company acquired the exotic Brazilian island “Ilha de Cajaíba”, approximately 11 million square metres, located in a beautiful bay in the state of Bahia. The development of this island will commence in 2009 and will provide a new generation eco-resort with luxury accommodation, signature golf courses and an emphasis on boating activities. For more information on Property Logic, visit Property Logic
  7. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Is there a LJDF forum that anyone uses apart from this or eyeonworld?
  8. rorypops

    rorypops New Member

    Looking at their website, most of their hotels are 3 star. Full of tired furnishings and dodgy looking drapes in the bedrooms :eek:

    I personally, have struggled to find a nice hotel on their website.

    I just don't feel it gives RT7 the best possible chance of being marketed well - if it were me and I looked up the Golden Tulip website I would be put off by the standard of hotel it offers.

    Not a happy bunny at all! :mad:
  9. TimRawlins

    TimRawlins New Member

    Do you mean the owners group. There is a post somewhere here on the earlier pages which gives their contact email address. Or you can go over to the saidia[dot]forumup[dot]co[dot]uk site
  10. TimRawlins

    TimRawlins New Member

  11. Usman

    Usman New Member

    Hi All,

    Has anyone heard any more about the RT7 development? I have heard there has been no construction since Nov/Dec 08 and the last newsletter from Property Logic in February provided no new information whatsoever.

    Andy news welcome!
  12. Popcorn

    Popcorn New Member

    Simon Boxus, the sales manager left last November and he was my main contact. I have been trying to get an updated building progress on all plots for several months now and am awaiting a response from PL. As soon as I hear something I will email everyone.
  13. Usman

    Usman New Member


    I suspect PL like many building companies are experiencing financial hardship. Would be interesting to get their forecast on when these buildings will now be finished; I expect this will not be this year now. This should mean we are liable for a refund given they would have delayed the completion date for more than 6 months but to be honest I am more interested in knowing whether the 40% we paid has not been lost.

  14. Olimad

    Olimad New Member

    I have just emailed the agent i used with ref to completion,mortgages and rental,

    the reply was positive in that she has not heard that there are any problems with construction and expects to complete late 09 early 10.

    She is expecting to hear about rental options soon and expects Legalex to be in contact about Moroccon mortgages which are avialable,

    hope this helps

  15. Usman

    Usman New Member

    Hi Paul,

    Did you get the email from PL informing JDLF owners of their financial situation and their forecast for completions? Was only sent out a few weeks ago. I think Popcorn uploaded the email onto one of the blog sites - cannot remember which one. Give me your email address and I will forward it to you.

  16. Olimad

    Olimad New Member

    Yes recieved the email thanks,will just have to be patient and see what happens.
  17. Robert McLarrie

    Robert McLarrie New Member


    Just a quick note to say that i have spoken to Property Logic I have been told that the construction will not be complete untill Feb- March 2010. they also informed me that we would be able to book viewing trips around September to enable us to see exactly how the progress is going.
  18. euroscooby

    euroscooby New Member

    Not inspiring news I am afraid. This was the first article dated 1/4/09 and see 26/5/09 below.

    Wednesday 01 April 2009

    The international hotel chain Golden Tulip, which was formed in the Netherlands in 1962, has applied for court protection from creditors.

    The group, which has 780 locations worldwide, has been hit by falling occupancy rates because of the recession.

    The company is in talks with possible investors on a restart, CEO Hans Kennedie told the Telegraaf.

    Golden Tulip, which has gone through a number of ownership changes, was part of the Spanish hotel group NH Hoteles and was the subject of a management buyout in 2002.

    AMSTERDAM, May 26 (Reuters) - Loss-making Dutch hotel operator Golden Tulip will file for bankruptcy for 13 hotels in the Netherlands that it directly owns and operates, it said on Tuesday.

    The decision will not affect franchised or affiliated hotels, of which there are 720 in more than 50 countries, and the affected hotels will continue to operate during the proceedings, the company said. The group owns 60 hotels directly.

    The unlisted hotel chain had warned earlier this year that declining occupancy rates and the cost of investing in new hotels had led to losses.

    In March, it said it was going into voluntary receivership and discussing a possible merger with Apollo Hotels & Resorts.[ID:nLV653049]

    Hotels are struggling as recession-hit consumers cut back on trips, while businesses trim travel costs to avoid perceptions of frivolous spending.

    Golden Tulip competes with Intercontinental Hotels (IHG.L) and Marriott International (MAR.N), amongst others. (Reporting by Reed Stevenson; Editing by Rupert Winchester)
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