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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by martin_d, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. martin_d

    martin_d New Member

    Hi, just joined and interested in investing in property in Brazil. I've had a look at these 2 developments on UV10's website. Does anyone here know anything about either developments? By reading some of the posts, I understand someone from UV10 also posts on here?
  2. penelopy

    penelopy New Member

    My advise to you would be to research Brasil and property investments and not get too carried away with well presented brochures . The construction company on this project has unfortunately not been earning itself a very good reputation I guess this is partly due to being over enthausiastic and highly ambitious.
  3. elephant&castle

    elephant&castle New Member

    IMG has posted on their web site that they have completed 4 projects. One os them Sonhos which has a whole trail of posts about various problems tenants had in the constructed property. Does anyone knows anythings about other 3 developments? This is not question for UV10 and IMG but to those who bought those apartments
  4. apwhite

    apwhite New Member

    Stay away

    Bad experience all round investing in Natal. Stay away.
  5. elephant&castle

    elephant&castle New Member

    could you give any specific details on what exactly "bad" happened?
  6. Mahogany

    Mahogany New Member

    I have bought a place in IMG's dr geraldo furtado development.
    I reside in London, I would like to chat with someone who has also
    Bought here as the project is due to be completed in the next few
    Months despite delays and I would like to hear about other people's
    Investment decisions after completion.

  7. elephant&castle

    elephant&castle New Member

    Mahogany, get in touch via 07706996408
  8. DTC

    DTC New Member


    I have invested in some plots in Brazil in a city near to Natal called Joao Pessoa, however the company that sold me the properties had not completed the development at the correct time. I and other investors filed a lawsuit against them and we achieved the money that we already have paid plus tort and interest.

    So if you have problems delaies it is possible you get your money back.
  9. RainerR

    RainerR New Member


    I'm looking at investing in the North East for own use, and maybe some rental.
    How reliable are these developers and Realtors in Brazil?

  10. lutjebroek

    lutjebroek New Member

    Buying a house or appartment (for own use) is different from participating in an investment scheme.

    What you need is a local realtor, with CRECI.

    But you will also need a visa (you may stay only 90 days otherwise) and preferrably some working knowledge of the language.
  11. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    Thanks - I am aware of that.
    I am allowed 180 days p.a.
    And my knowledge of the language is adequate.

    Unlike some European countries, e.g. the UK, the estate industry is at least regulated through CRECI. However, they are largely poorly educated sales agents. The pass the CRECI exams primary school is quite enough.
    CRECI agents are as unreliable as non-CRECI agents. It is just a bit easier to get them in court when you report them. At least that is out experience, so far.
    In the south of Brazil things are definitely more professional.

  12. debzor

    debzor New Member

    The Northeast of Brazil is huge - did you have a particular area in mind?
  13. sven

    sven New Member

    If you're from a schengen country, you're only allowed 90 days each 180 since october 5th 2012.
  14. RainerR

    RainerR New Member


    Ce, rn, pe, pb, al, ba

  15. debzor

    debzor New Member

    So pretty much the whole of NE Brazil...!! That is your first problem - no agent can possibly cover this entire area, and they would also need a CRECI license from each state, which is not going to happen. Firstly, you need to narrow this down to a couple of districts or towns, otherwise you will achieve nothing.
  16. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    Which is 180 days per annum!
    However, I can be there as long as I want to!

  17. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    I have been in each of these states.
    And talked to agents in each of them.
    Same stories - as if they are taught how to lie to their customers as a matter of principal.

  18. Greengodess

    Greengodess Banned

    If you have been looking for such a long time you obviously are insecure about purchasing there in which case better not IMO.
  19. debzor

    debzor New Member

    ...and in every one of these states you have spoken to CRECI brokers and they have all told you the same lies for the past 4 years... I detect a link here...?
  20. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    Rent vs Buy

    I am not in a rush.
    Like anywhere else in the world, especially these economies, rental is usually a safer and better option.


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