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Global Garden View 111

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by wahid121, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. wahid121

    wahid121 New Member

    Anyone know whats happening with global garden view, I bought studio about 15 months ago, with completion around May 08, but I believe its yet to start build, anyone know if that is the case ? and if so whats going on? is it possible that it may not be built ??
    I look forward to replies .
    Many thanks
  2. mpat

    mpat New Member

    what location ?

    what location and who is developer? I m in dubai and if it is within my reach I can visit the place personally and let u know.
  3. wahid121

    wahid121 New Member

    hello there, thanks for your reply, but it would be good to hear from people who have purchased a flat at the Global garden view development @ international city.
    Thanks anyway
  4. mpat

    mpat New Member

    You are right, george,
    for sure it wont lsat for long.investors need to be very cautious before putting money in anything,.
  5. iced

    iced New Member

    it is really interesting but yesterday the CEO of RERA said on radio that no project in dubai had been cancelled so if this project has been cancelled then you should contact RERA.

    As a investor of Dubai Lagoon some of pressure may help investors in this project. There is a group of individuals who have been doing an excellent job of media coverage and contacting RERA regarding the situation of Dubai Lagoon investors.
  6. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    It’s very simple. Dubai they don’t want to many people in the town 100000 people growth per year is acceptable I understand that. One of the ways to stop the coming people is to create a shortage of accommodation which increases rents and makes some people leave the country. Now if they complete all the undone project on time with the prices of 2006 they need a hell of a lot of cheap labor which is not going to happen. On the other hand they will upset a lot of investors and speculators and also is going to help to cool the market. Of course you will get your money back with a bit of interest.
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