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    I am working in Belize as an engineer in Belize, after few years I will be getting retired, so I would like to know about the retirement programs or facilities offered by the Belize government to us. I will be very grateful if anyone guide me on he right track.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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    In Belize there are proper laws for the retired persons

    In Belize there are proper laws for the retired persons, but to prevail these facilities you have to apply by filling one form along with that some documents also you have to submit.
  3. hodge2008

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    I can easily get the details

    Thanks for your response, but could you please send me some contact through which I can easily get the details.
  4. martin.chappel4

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    Visit some online forum on belize

    Why don’t you visit some online sites for the information’s?
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    The latest information we have is the following (September 2008). Please do double check with some online sources. The monthly income requirement for Belize is higher than for other Central American countries:

    Belize's Retired Persons Incentive Program allows qualifying individuals a range tax benefits. The income requirement, at US $2,000 per month, is higher than other Central American countries with the result that the actual number of retirees under the program in Belize is relatively small.

    Benefits include: Tax-free entry of the retiree’s household goods, car, boat or light aircraft and exemption from the payment of taxes on income outside of Belize whether that income is generated from work performed or from an investment.

    Income requirement: US $2,000 per month

    Other requirements: Applicants need to be aged 45 or older and pass a background check by the Ministry of National Security. A person who qualifies can include his or her spouse and children under the age of 18 in the program. A medical certificate, police record and marriage certificate (if applicable) are needed as part of the application process.

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