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German Property Auctions

Discussion in 'German Property' started by housey157, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. housey157

    housey157 New Member

    I was interested in bidding at a german auction. Does anyone have any hints
  2. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    Big balls is what you need to buy at auction and someone on the ground that knows the market inside out.

    I would not recommend a Brit buys at auction unless you have a professional property manager that will take care of everything - believe you will face a wall of red tape and misunderstanding if you go it alone.
  3. housey157

    housey157 New Member

    I've met up with a German architect , who seems to know what he doing. I have bought a few properties for less than 2000 euros and resold them
  4. quaid

    quaid New Member

    Hi Housey.

    How about elaborating how that works. (email?)

  5. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Hi Robert/Ilja.

    Surprised to find you on here (pleasantly)

    I can support the claims by these lads as I have used them for some of my auction purchases. They know the market inside out and the auction benefits/pitfalls. What they are also too humble to inform you all about is they will also manage your property as they are managing some of mine.

    Not here touting my own company but am willing to stand up for others if they are deserving of praise.
    Anyone willing to set up a small tight investment pool using them feel free to contact me or their office in Spandau direct. and I'll discuss it with them - I'm a fan of pooling investments and these lads have experience of it.
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