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Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by queenie40something, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi all

    Has anyone else got a private garden with their apartment?

    If so have you looked into purchasing garden furniture, plants etc.

    Are you paying someone for the upkeep of the garden and what price should I expect for someone to water it and mow the lawn. It is only a small walled garden.


  2. In Sharm I don't In hurghada imight be able to help
  3. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi George

    Thanks - what sort of price woyld I expect to pay for say mowing the lawn - small area and watering each day?

  4. I reasly have no idea aboutsharm costs as i mentioned, in hurghada you can hire a gardner for around 500 L.E maximum to care about you garden and for water around 20 L.E per ton
  5. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Thanks George - it will give me an idea on how much to pay. I understand plants are very expensive especially cactus. Is this correct - might have to bring some artificial ones out with me!!
  6. yeah, planet so expensive, andfor gardener not cost alot as hedon't work only for you he is like free lancer ;)
  7. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    visas/and roof gardens!

    :)hi queenie

    how are you i always enjoy your posts! see i am getting the language now, you seem to know a lot, but i am always confused where do you have an apartment sharm el sheikh or hurghada or both? queenie is there a thread about garden interior designers, i have a large roof terrace so i am told by another forum member, and although i have my ideas, egyptian styli i realise i am already getting confused and i could be a jumble and im not even there yet!

    do you know anywhere or anybody who does garden features, including water, foliage or egyptian pots et al. i am a poor working woman who will not have much money, and although i collect magazines for ideas, not sure, are there any interior design students out there who might help me.

    thank you for the information about i wont be able to stay 90 days cos i work in london, but it good to know these things.


  8. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Nubianqueen - you are welcome.

    I have bought on Sierra in Nabq, Sharm and recently went and oicked my keys up and my apartment is currently being furnished.

    We have a garden and it has irrogation and the maintenance team will mow the lawn. They will put some plants in around the wall. I have bought some solar lights which I will put in the garden as well. I have seen some really nice artificial hanging baskets in the UK that I might buy and take with me - no worries about them dying. Thats about all that I am going to do to the garden apart from the furnishing which my local furniture man will sort out for me.

    I also started this thread

    I will do some digging - excuse the pun lol
  9. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    hi queenie

    thank you i was wondering how to start a thread i was searching, but do the moderators do this? so i appreciate that you are going to do this. where did you see the artificial hanging baskets, do they come complete and where from if i may ask? when i sign the maintenance contract will this be part of what they do or do i ask them to do this as an extra, could they also water plants for me.

    appreciate you doing some digging, particularly egyptian styli.


  10. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi you can search for threads yourself. There is the facility to do this on the front page of this forum on the right hand side it will say seach thread and type in a topic and it will then bring up threads relating to it. You will need to contact your developer or agent ref watering of gardens etc as Im sure all will differ. Saw the baskets at one of our local markets.

    There are some online shops that sell them

    Artificial Hanging Basket (interior & exterior) | UK Mainland Del. & VAT Inc. | Artificial Trees | Artificial Plants | Silk Plants | Indoor Plants | Tropical Plants - Plants Enhance Online Ltd
    Replica Trees, Artificial Plants and Imitation Flowers from UK based Supplier Office and Reception Planters{keyword}&fl=6511&gclid=CK_j5NrDgJUCFSPmlAodXEjhqw&kw=artificial%20hanging%20baskets&fl=287439
    Floral Hanging Baskets - Artificial Silk Plants for home and garden decoration
    also some on ebay artificial hanging baskets, Pots Window Boxes Baskets, Plants Seeds Bulbs items at low prices on

    I will move these posts to the garden section later x
  11. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    hi all and queenie!

    good to have a thread all about gardens! learnt something today, about maintenance and costs of plants, why are they so expensive? one of the things i notice about egypt is the wonderful plants and how the parks are taken care of, have you ever been in the parks in alexandria, paradise! i just did not expect them to be expensive, can someone tell me what plants would i need to have that dont need much water, cactus i know dont, what about others that can be watered from time to time. any buddeng interior designers i want my roof garden egyptian styli but i am just a poor woman!


  12. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    thank you queenie for the information i am going to print out that page and keep it in my file and at some point look at the site addresses. im going to log off now, as i have said before this forum is addictive and i have enough addictions, for example chocolate and icecream!.:eek:

  13. anokayperson

    anokayperson Banned

    Indoor plants?

    Hi - I was just thinking of the above. How do owners manage with their indoor plants if you are away for a while. Are cactus plants the answer or are there any other indoor plants which are just as good? - spider plants are pretty hardy?
  14. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member answer will be plastic lol. In Sharm there is a fella that offers key holding service at I think £15 a month and for that he checks on the apartment once a week as well so if I decided to do this I would ask him to water the indoor plants weekly for me.
  15. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Here in El Gouna we have gardeners everywhere working everyday but mainly irrigation. I do not have a private garden but there are plants and palm trees all around the apartment block. Everyday a man comes to turn on the irrigation pipes. His wages are probably the basic wage of around 50 GBP per month I would guess. He starts around 7.30am at the other side of the lagoon taking care of all the villas and apartment blocks and finishes around 5pm. I have large pots with bourgonvillas, etc. and when I go away I leave some empty water containers and he takes care of the pots for me for some baksheesh. For indoor plants the housekeeping services would take care of them.

    Every so often a group of landscapers come to tidy and cut back the trees and replace tired plants.

    I pay 0.20 GBP per month towards the irrigation water which is from the sewage (so don't go playing under the hoses on the golf courses like one family here did!). For landscaping I pay GBP10 every quarter.

    I know the bills are quite large for the villa owners with big gardens because they need so much water. Some have water bills of up to GBP100 per month.

    I am sure there will be someone cutting the grass in the communial areas that could take care of your grass?

    I wish I could have got my grass back in the UK looking as good as the grass here :rolleyes:
  16. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    This is a company based in El Gouna and Hurghada that do a lot of kitchen and garden design, solar and swimming pools.
    Nile Group - Nile Water Systems
  17. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member


    for your ideas and thoughts about gardens, plants and watering, i will print this off and georgina you have given me the name of another plant what are bourganvillas, reminds me of bourbon biscuits, what are they like, to look at not to eat!

  18. johnwayne

    johnwayne Banned

    Georgina - on reading your post above - your place sounds idyllic!!!!!!!!! what a nice to place to live. Believe it or not I have just turned the heating on as the kids are cold. It is cold, very windy and wet - and I am totally fed up with this weather. Isn't the glorious 12th on its way Tuesday - oh dear!
  19. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    I am sure I have not spelled it correctly but it is the pink flowers that you can train to grow up walls and they flower all year.

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  20. nubianqueen

    nubianqueen New Member

    wow georgina:)

    the outside area is lovely (is this your part of the garden or your garden) not sure, anyway i have printed it out for my file everything hurghada! i presume there are garden centres in hurghada where you can get plants and lovely containers like you have in the picture, any ideas of garden centres that i can go to.


    looks so lovely

    p.s. i think this is your garden is it not, it seems so individual as if it belongs to one person!hmm cant wait to go, just want some sun though i know i am initially going to be very busy.

    thank you for sharing

    nubian queen:cool:
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