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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by peter browne, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. peter browne

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    I am lucky enough to have an apartment overlooking the lagoon and ocean beach in fuzeta. Late last year fuzeta was subjected to very distructive storm. The ocean beach had many holiday homes build on it. These home were manly owed by portugese families who spent many happy holiday years there. Sadly every single one was destroyed by the storm - all the habitation was swept away and the island split in two.Subsequently the island was closed down to visitors.

    Within a short while bull dozers started to appear, by june/july of this year visitors were allowed - so off i went. The ferry had a new landing strip ( which was better than the last). The reconstruction of the island was mainly focussed on the actual beach and filling in the gap in the island. The beach was something else - what a change! It was just one long stretch of sand, flat as a pan cake and no habitation anywhere,it look like a desert island - totally empty( The only downside is that i forgot my camera)1 week later the tropical tree sun shades went up and the sheds were being constructed selling drinks food etc. During the summer months (2010 )the island became it's normal busy self. In late Sept the island was again closed to visitors. Bull dozers again moved in and enormous hills of sand appeared.It would appear that some major work is going on. By next summer i would expect the work to be completed. My quess is that by next year this beach could well be named the best beach on the Algarve - watch this space!
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    Fuzeta is lovely, i am a happy woner at formosa village, the best views in algarve.
  3. PeterV

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    I am looking for a townhouse in the old center of Tavira or Fuzeta.
    Would you know a reliable estate agent who deals with sales and rentals?

  4. worthyprimo

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    A good estate agent is in fuzeta and has properties all over the east algarve
    His name is Dirk Bonau - he speaks english
    tel No 00351 917506365
    can't send email to you as i have not had 5 post

    Tell him Peter Browne referred you to him - he looks after my property in fuzeta when I am not there, and has always done me proud.

  5. PeterV

    PeterV Banned

    Fuzeta et cetera

    Thanks Peter.
    I'll Google on his name and telephone number.
    Something should come up.

  6. worthyprimo

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    No Problem
    His mobile no was in my last post

    he is on facebook

  7. PeterV

    PeterV Banned

    I noticed, and that's how I found him through Google.


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