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    Many people are now ordering furniture packs for apartments in Romanian. i therefore want to highlight some of the mistakes people are making with the agents they are buying from.


    Cheapest is not always best. Many agents are offering cheap furniture packs that do not include necessities such as washing machines, kitchen utensils and ordinary utensils necessitated for rental.


    Many agents are deeming delivery to the street address, the number of floors it has to go up is extra and this can be a sizable amount of an extra.


    Does fitting include the installation of gas and electrical units or is this extra and if so how much?

    Furniture Pack

    Some agents are including things that are not necessary such as microwaves, kettles and lamps etc. Always check what you are getting and what you need.

    Practicality of Furniture Pack

    This is a buy to let; you need good strong furniture that will stand the test of time, especially beds, kitchens and couches. No fancy light colors that will quickly date and age, is no good having grubby furniture when you want to rent in a year or two.


    Ikea is great for dressing apartments and putting finishing touches, but in our experience unless you buy the expensive objects here they do not have the durability you need for your investment. Roughly translated, cheap is not always best


    Is the apartment left ready to rent with all utilities including phones, cable etc connected. Will full cleaning be carried out after furniture pack is fitted or will this be another cost you have to incur and letting agent must provide?


    Have they experience on the Romanian market, can they supply references; proof of previous packages. Check them out on a Google search. Search on e Google ‘who is’ then type their web site address in and it will give you a history as to when website was set up and then you can make an informed decision.


    Insist on a contract and pay no more than 50% up front, remainder on satisfactory completion. Also a clause that you get a refund if you cancel, one well known company that are now professing professionalism on the Romanian market refused to refund fee of over 11,000 euro for a furniture pack when the client could not get the mortgage they told him he would have no problm getting.
    Needless to say the astute amongst you can guess the company


    Will this agent furnishing also carry out management. We continuously have to go in and tidy up furniture packages and do cleaning of apartments after so called market experts have left them so that they are desirable and habitable.

    Where is your agent based, how well do they know this market, it is one thing to know about what you would like in an apartment, but important t know what your potential tenant wants or deems acceptable.

    David Howe LLB, LLM

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    hi ala
    can any one advice me on rent am=nd demand in buchrest
    I have two beder wants to let can you advice
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    Furniture package

    Anyone know if the furniture shops have January / winter sales in Bucharest, Romania? I'm thinking about buying furniture in Mobexpert near IKEA instead of using a management company for this. Thanks in advance for help :)
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    They do have sales, but be prepared for a shock in terms of delivery cost, time (anything from a week to 10 days) fitting and additional cost of each floor it must be carried to.

    In addition you need authorised agent to connect your gas, plus you will need someone to fit your kitchen. You will not be the frst to try this and probably not the last.

    Allow at least 10 days to do the fitting and necessary authorisations.

    David Howe LLB. LLM

    INVESTMENT ROMANIA - Investment in Romanaia, Property management, Due diligence, Renting in Romania
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    Please help!

    Hi all

    Hoping someone may be able to help as I don't know where to turn...

    Bought a one bed apartment in Bucharest last August and paid a certain company (***) to furnish it. They have so far just put a dining table and some bedroom furniture in and we are still waiting on kitchen, sofas etc.

    It's all been paid for but when we try and chase them for it, we either get fobbed off with "it's happening next week" or "the sofas are stuck in customs" or we just get ignored or hung up on...

    Does anyone know where we stand legally, what we should do next etc? Will they ever finish furnishing it or should we just pay out more and get it done ourselves?

    Bearing in mind that we've already lost 6 months potential rent because they haven't finished furnishing it..

    Any advice appreciated.

    Jools x
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    If there is one thing a certain company doesn't like, its bad press. Legal letters don't really get anywhere here. You need to go to the media and any outlet that will listen or even better publish it. You need to turn into a tormentor here and pester the shi*t out of them and then when they have had enough, they hopefully will deliver just to get up to stop bothering them. I have seen it work.
    It not nice or pleasant but your not dealing with caring people here...thats my 2cents anyway.
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    If we're talking about the same people here, and I assume we are, they threaten legals on anyone who mentions their name in a bad way. Not nice people at all.

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