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Furnishing Company

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by tibbs68, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. tibbs68

    tibbs68 New Member

    Can anyone recommend a good furnishing company to furnish our two bed property on the Lighthouse golf resort nr Balchik.

    The developers packs are limited.

  2. francky

    francky New Member

    Hi Craig,

    I used Sash design and quite happy with them , I recommended them already to a few friends and they are also satisfied with the quality and prices . Write them at : [email protected]

    Good luck
  3. gazpullen

    gazpullen New Member

    Furniture companies

    Hi Craig,

    I used a company for my furnishings, their item prices are not too bad, but I asked for a package price for my 2 bed apartments, and they gave me a really good quote, with extra items that I was not offered before. They delivered on time, and I am confident, I got a deal. I was quoted 7500 euros for the apartment off the developer, and I paid this company 5900 Euros.

    Hope this helps
  4. gazpullen

    gazpullen New Member


    forgot to mention, they have a website mekotek furnishings, part of mekotek renovators.
  5. rachel69

    rachel69 New Member

    I can recommend catstyle-bg. The quality is very good and if you decide that youwould like to have something different, they try to find it for you.
  6. SemiGa

    SemiGa New Member

    I also recommend Sashi Design. Nice guys and did a good job.
  7. gazpullen

    gazpullen New Member

    again, mekotekfurnishings did a good job on my brothers house in Dobrich.
    They offered me some maintenance plan, does onybody know of rough prices for Property maintenance. Dont really wanna shop about too much, as these seem a big company, but would appreciate some ideas to compare.
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