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Discussion in 'French Property' started by mike28, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Can anyone help with the best practice for selling a house in France.
    Is it best to go with one agent or many? I can't seem to get my head around the system. By going with one you pay no less commision, unlike that in the UK (if you go with one they would charge a lower commission) but they seem to tell you they would market your property more if you go with only them. But surely if you are on their books they would do their best to sell your porperty.
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    I agree with your pros & cons, your decision at the end :
    - single agent : he might be more motivated, but on the other hand as he his the only one he will not be in a hurry to push your home, compared to others ; but he may invest more on advertising etc..
    - many agents : less advertising, but your home is in more real estate papers & shops.
    Commission : no rule, negotiable in both cases. 5% by default. We start to see 2-3% from internet agencies, a way to negotiate with traditionnal agents.
    I gave a 2 months exclusivity to one agent when I sold my house 3 years ago. It might be a good compromise, as you can make a deal with other agents if the first one is slow...

    Regards, Alain

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