Freehold house with letter in the address



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Apologies for the poor title and please take it easy on me as this is my first time posting.

I've been looking at purchasing freehold houses in the UK either as single dwellings or ones that have already had their title split and being sold as separate flats.

Unfortunately as a new member I can't add a link to the property in question but it can easily be found at the latest Allsop auction website with the address: 3a Preston Avenue, E4 9NL.

What put me off was that the address is 3a Preston Avenue, rather than just 3 Preston Avenue. It's silly I know but it makes me feel like maybe it was only the upper floor flat, even though the video clearly showed both the upper and lower floors as two separate flats. I looked through the legal pack too and couldn't see anything too suspicious.

Can someone let me know whether this is normal? I know sometimes houses will have an addition like "a" if they are extensions onto end of terraced houses, but this just seemed strange as a mid terraced property.


I am a little confused - are you buying both properties, have they been rejoined or are you just buying one of them?