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French property

While many people may think otherwise, France is the most popular tourist destination in Europe by some way. This is a country which has many different cultures, attracts more than its fair share of overseas investment with a variety of types of accommodation. So, whether you are looking to invest in a buy to let situation, buy a second home or looking to retire to France you are one of many attracted by the lifestyle.

Types of accommodation

There are few countries which offer the range of accommodation which is available in France. If you like the hustle and bustle of city life the likes of Paris and other major cities will draw you in and for those looking for a more sedate lifestyle there is plenty of countryside and spacious housing to enjoy. Whatever your budget, whatever your strategy and whatever your long-term plans, there will be something for you in the French market.

Options available

As we touched on above, when looking to buy property in France you will see the wide range of options available to you. While some estate agents may not be fluent in English the Internet has been a godsend allowing international investors to look through the array of properties available before they even visit. Apartments, houses, room shares you will not find it difficult to find accommodation in the short and longer term.

Housing taxes

Each and every tenant living in a French property has to pay French residence tax which can vary from region to region. You will obviously pay more residence tax in some of the more affluent areas of France and it is advisable to do your homework before deciding where to move to. France is renowned for its fairly expensive taxation system although in reality many of taxes are upfront as opposed to subtly hidden by other countries around the world.

Older housing

Many people seem attracted to the older housing available across France which tells a history, represents a culture and is very well received by international investors. While these older houses do offer a certain ambience it is worth noting that many of them may require additional work such as the introduction of modern insulation. It is also important to realise that the cost of upgrading and other essential work in older French properties will be more expensive than a modern day home.


There is an array of popular tourist destinations right across France that continues to attract the attention of overseas real estate investors. Even though the 2008 recession has hit the European tourist industry very hard there has and continues to be a backbone of demand for French property. One issue to be aware of is the movement in currencies with the UK pound for example falling at the start of 2016 in light of concerns about the U.K.’s continued membership of the European Union.

History, culture and an array of beautiful homes is the signature of the French property market although you do need to be aware of taxation issues, restrictions regarding foreign ownership and the cost of living.


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From what I read there seems to be an extreme amount of red tape for non-resident investors looking at the French property market. However, on the plus side it is worth remembering that Paris is the most popular destination in Europe and even during these troubled times it continues to attract significant investment.

Does anybody have any experience of the French property market from a foreign investor’s point of view?


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Maybe you can ask some French property experts. We still don't know how the laws in France will be applied every year.


I have read on numerous occassions that France is the most popular tourist destination across the whole of Europe. I suspect they will be hit hard after the UK leaves the EU and travel across the channel is not quite as straight forward. Are there really any winners with Brexit?


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ok but what if i'm not a resident? is it impossible?