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Free architect available

Discussion in 'Property TV Shows' started by Ugly House, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Ugly House

    Ugly House New Member

    Hi everyone.

    Please find attached, details of a new Channel 4, property design series that we are making.

    As you can see, we’re trying to find people with properties that they think are tired and dated and in need of renovation. We’re particularly keen to find ex-local authority / council properties and 1930’s semi-detached properties that need to be renovated by FEBRUARY 2015.

    We are very keen to find young families who have maybe purchased their first property and are keen to renovate and people who have purchased less attractive properties for less money in order to gain the floor space that they need.

    If anyone could assist me or is interested in participating themselves then please do get in touch.

    If you need any further details, please PM me.

    Steve Golley | Junior Researcher
    The Heal's Building | 8 Alfred Mews | W1T 7AA
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