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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Jer, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Jer

    Jer New Member

    Has anyone had any dealings with beachfrontbrazil? They are selling beach lots in Fortim and Canoa.

  2. taureanjohn

    taureanjohn New Member

    I have purchased plot in Canoa via Beachfront Brazil. Also condo in Taiba. No problems so far- they have always answered my queries and seem genuinely helpful. Any particular queries feel free to PM me.
  3. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

  4. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Any info on the project? And if the developer is trustworthy?

    How to buy this land, is it the best to go there or is it safe to buy it over the internet? How to find a laywer to process the deal? other things??

    Im a complete newbie, help me :)
  5. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    It looks as though it is completely miles from anywhere are you sure it's only 1 hour away??!
    Have you been to visit the site and location ?
  6. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    "Only" 112 kms from Fortaleza as the crow flies, probably about 130 to 140 by road - could be done in an hour on a good day but I'd expect most days it's a little over an hour at best.

    The project you bought on in Canoa - which one was that? The one with 3000 plots?
  7. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    You will definately need to visit to see the land and position,don't buy from the internet ,that would be foolish.You can p.m me and I can pass a brasilian english speaking lawyer onto you.I am not allowed to give the office number here,but on p.m I can.
  8. iornwarrior

    iornwarrior New Member

    fortim beach

    just in the process of purcasing a beach plot at fortim beach.

    i hope its a good thing. trying to work out the leagle process.

    to know that i have the proper ownership of the land and can build, straight after compleation sale.
  9. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Ok Interesting, keep us posted on how the process are going. What are you going to build on the plat, do you have link to the development?
  10. globalinvestor

    globalinvestor New Member

    can somebody pls send a link for the development? how much are the plots?

  11. ojosazul88

    ojosazul88 New Member

    Fortim, Canoa beach plots

    Well if its the same "Beach Front Brazil" that i came accross a few years ago and i believe it is as they were selling in Fortim and Canoa i would be concerned.
    My gut feeling wasnt good with them back in 2007, firstly very amateurish website, contact page that had no details , only a form for you to send enquiries,
    obviously they were just the middlemen, so likely selling over priced beach plots.
    Why not do as i did, and if you wish to buy beach plots for example, research the area and then find a legitimate, legal, "loteamento" or brazillian developer selling, instead of web based overseas agents who probably havent even visited Brazil, there were quite a few here in Spain plugging Brazil a few years ago.
    Thats what i did as i felt Canoa Quebrada has a lot of potential, found a Brazillian developer selling beach plots and nearly bought!, As JM said in previous post i found out there were going to be around 2000 plots for sale so pulled out as i believe this is too much to sustain for a small place like Quenoa, you can imagine hundreds of empty plots in a few years time, no direct water supply.
    Back to Beach front Brazil, if its the same company , they seem to have out done themselves by now having a new even more amateurish website called "Brazil Takes Off" Good luck but tread carefully, all is not what it seems in Brazil.
  12. New Member

    Fortim Plots

    For two and a half years now there has been comments posted by ojosaxul88 about Fortim Beach Plots. He made some interesting comments but I feel the time has come to set the record straight. Firstly, Beach Property Brazil was the prime source for land in Northeast Brazil based in Fortaleza. They have been selling land to investors and developers for over six years and were the sales front for one of the most established and respected Brazilian land companies who have been stockpiling beach land for the past 35 years.
    Also Fortim Beach is a superb beach development with full infrastructure in place and lots of construction taking place. Prices of lots can still be obtained for $12,000 although there are only a few left. I think this is a solid investment and don't understand the mentality of people who can post comments without getting the facts correct.
    However ojosaxul88 was right about the Spanish agent issue. Many are excellent marketeers with slick tongues and stunning websites but lack the integrity that is essential for a property agent. The rule of thumb among investors is 'if the number has a +34 do not take the call'. However most wise investors know this already.

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