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Hi all...Please spread the word.

Due to the recent upturn of the 'property auction format' (see Dubai developers turn to property auctions to settle true market value | Dubai Property for more reading) our organisation has taken the necessary steps to hold one in 5 weeks time. We are currently looking to contact would-be investors to supplement our 'invite only' list of potential bidders (currently standing at 25 confirmed attendees).

The auction's focus will mainly be on G-Tower stock (see Galadari Investment Office (GIO),Luxury Living, Branded / Elite / Designer Real Estates & Properties, Real Estate & Property Developer Dubai),with the 'flagship' being the entire 42nd floor, we currently own both the 42nd and 43rd floors, so yes! We will benefit directly, but there will be many other lots to choose from.

Due to confidentiality issues, we can't state exact figures, but expect the reserve to be in the region of 1500 AED's per sq/ft, which when compared to The Trump Tower prices or Lamborghini Tower (which in my humble opinion, is inferior by comparison),should represent good value.

So, if either yourself or someone in your circles, would like to be considered for an invite please contact me by PM in the first instance.

Kind regards

Mark Rogers

I will be posting this in a few other forums, so please forgive me if you see this thread elsewhere. I'm trying to put the word out as best as possible. Thanks
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