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    A lot of foreigners are purchasing Condominium's, Bungalows and Apartments in and around Pattaya and Bangkok. The concept of a Second home in Thailand or a Holiday home is Pattaya has been long prevalent in the country.
    Most of the prime locations in the most popular tourist cities Pattaya and Bangkok are already developed and only a few prime locations are left and being built currently.
    Indian buyers too have been investing in the Thai real estate in large numbers. The prices of prime locations of Thailand are much cheaper than similar areas in metropolitans like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi. For example, a 3 to 5 Star of Approximately 500 Sq. ft. sea view apartment on the Marine drive would cost approximately 1 Crore in Pattaya. Time to buy is now!
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    Are there any particular restrictions or issues which foreign investors need to be aware of when investing in Thailand? This subject has been a very popular discussion point over the years.
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    A foreigner can purchase a condo or apartment in Thailand with ease. Its hassle free and only basic documentation is required. However, for purchasing a Villa or Bungalow the rules are stringent but foreigners do own Bungalows in Bangkok and Villas in Pattaya in large numbers too!
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    Foreign ownership in Thailand is pretty straightforward:

    In buildings classed as condominiums, developers are allowed to sell up to 49% of the total apartments in the building to foreigners on a freehold basis.

    The other 51% must be sold to either Thai citizens or Thai companies, of which foreigners own a maximum of 49% of the shares.

    This only applies to apartments in a condominium building. For houses and villas on their own private land plots, it is only possible for foreigners to buy under
    Thai Company ownership because it is normally not possible for foreigners to own land in Thailand.
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