Foreign Investor and capital repatriation

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    How about your ethics?

    When you mention someone making up stories, but one look at the document linked above tells you that the sources are mostly government departments not magazine articles, so you are lying yet again.

    What an ****hole you are.
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    When I first invested in Brazil, the USD equivalent of what you brought into Brazil was registered at the BdB.

    And that was the amount you were allowed to export again, regardless of the exchange rates of the BRL, EUR or DKK against eachother and against the USD.

    Has that rule changed?

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  4. Norbert,
    Never compare Brazil to other countries.
    It's not only the mortgage that counts.
    I think you know BraSil (with an "S") good enough. Especialy the last 2 or 3 years.
    Everything they owe they still have to pay (are paying).
    The governments forced the Brazilains to drown in debts.
    Cars in 72 mothly payments, fridges, televisions, vacations/holydays, even the cost of the weekly supermarket they pay a month or so later.
    With all their CreditCard they lost control.

    An average Brazilian family is using almost half of their monthly income (last year 2012 it was about 43%) to pay their debts.

    Now the economy has come to a standstill and inflation is rising badly.
    The only way to get things better is to raise the interest rates again (anti inflation) and weaken the US$ (pro production/industry/export).
    But this will hit hard the country, the "consumers".
    Default in debt payment wills explode .
    Brazilians are used to stop the payment of their debts, it's normal.
    One of the first things they like to stop (like in the 80-s) is the mortgage.
    They stay were they are, it will take years to get them out of there houses.
    They prefer keep on paying their cars or fridges, a bank can take these things back in a few weeks.

    History is repeating.

    braSil is not for beginners (A.C.J.)
  5. When RE prices raise 100% in 2 or 3 years it's considered normal.
    When prices drop 50% (back to normal) it's a crash ?

    From 2003-2007 Brazilian stocks were the foreign investors darling.
    A guaranteed 40-50% raise a year.

    Then in 2008 the Bovepa index dropped -51% in only 10 months.
    For Brazil it wasn't a crash, it was a "correction".
    It always happens.
    In 1968 the IBovespa dropped -36% in 2 months
    In 1972, -45%
    In june 1989 -36% (in 1 month).
    1990 -56% in 2 months.

    A housing bubble doesn't explode that fast, but -50% in the next 2 years or so, looks normal. Depends on the place.
    The bubble is here, no doubt.
    Why so many people are trying to sell property for months, years, and they don't find any buyer ?

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    MCMV Minha Casa Minha Vida nightmare

    UK-Brazil Investment Partnership Report of

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    MCMV Minha Casa Minha Vida nightmare

    I had read your comments, and then remembered I wanted to enter something else about MCMV.
    I should have entered this separately.
    Instead I habitually used the reply to button.
    My mistake.
    I wasn't really referring to anything you had written.


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