Florianopolis Architect and Lawyer Needed



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I own land in Brazil and want to develop it. I seek to build a 12 room Boutique Bed&Breakfast.
I seek an Architect and a Lawyer in the Florianopolis region. Does anyone here have any recommendations.
Anyone else here own property in Brazil? I have some questions and seek someone to talk to.
Please let me know if this is possible.
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Investing specifically in the resort area in Brazil is the right decision. Home prices are going up every year by 15% and this trend promises to be the case in the future. Keep in mind that for the purchase of housing in coastal areas, near the borders of neighboring countries or near military installations are some restrictions, if you suddenly had such an idea. In Brazil, real estate lending is underdeveloped. The pricing policy will vary regardless of whether the property is in Rio de Janeiro, or in some small town. I can't tell you about Florianopolis, but I know some great lawyers you can go to.