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Flipping an apartment at the Oasis Beach Resort

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Shadow, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    Has anyone flipped an apartment purchased from SuperiorWorldwide yet at the Oasis Beach Resort at Saidia?

    If so how easy was it to do?

    Did Superior resell it for you?

    I'm looking into the possibility of doing this and I'm looking for pointers.
  2. Mikeyv

    Mikeyv New Member

    hi shadow, can you do this before you close on the property??
  3. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    Hi Mikeyv,

    Sorry for the slow response.

    Yes, you can once you have made the initial payment and signed the preliminary contract.
  4. popol

    popol New Member

    Why do you want to resell your property ?
    I am buying a villa with the superior group but it seems that for the villas in SAIDIA there are delay on the construction. (they are waiting for a licence)

    If someone is in the same case please let me know
  5. Moo

    Moo New Member

    The Palms at Oasis

    Hi Popol,

    I purchased a townhouse on the Palms through Superior. I used Legalex Group who
    Have informed me that I could lose my deposit money. Did you use a local solicitor or
    have you someone in Morocco and what is there viewpoint?


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