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Flickr - Be very careful!!

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Horizon Property Group, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Dear all,

    We have been using a Free Flickr account on our blog Horizon News for nearly a year. We were told that this was the best place to store pictures of the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands and our new developments for use on the blog and also in our Constant Contacts account.

    We got to a point where we had reached the Free limit so we paid the fee to upgrade for 2 years. We then uploaded around 70 images so that we could add the photo plugin onto the blog site.

    Two days later our Flickr account vanished, no warning or anything. I contacted Flickr via their website and eventually got a reply:- Flickr account "horizonnews" was deleted by Flickr staff for violating our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

    So I read their guidelines and could not see anyway that we had violated them so I contacted Flickr again as in their guidelines it states that any time you do violate them they will warn you, we had no warning the account and ALL our pictures just vanished. After nearly a week I got exactly the same reply back again.

    Not very helpful. This also meant that pages of our blog site was missing images which we have had to go through and re add them via other methods.

    So a warning to all of you that use Flickr, make sure that any images you upload you have backed up somewhere else in case they decide to do this to you as well.
  2. New Member

    I suggest everybody to have backups of everything. I mean here website, photo, offers, etc. Best stored on an external drive. I had problems with my pc and lost a lot of sensitive data...
  3. jessicatam

    jessicatam New Member

    Did you ever get a straight answer from Flickr? I'm curious because I use them, and have a premium account. I've had no trouble so far, but I did have similar problems with Youtube deleting videos that I had permission to post. I'm leaning towards hosting everything myself these days.
  4. david-giorgi

    david-giorgi New Member

    Professional web designer available

    I agree totally, and if you want to publish any information permanently under your own domain name please engage a reputable web designer

    A reputable webhost will provide daily or weekly backups in case of problems

    Location: Annecy, France
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  5. angelinalove

    angelinalove New Member

    I also want to know bcoz I do same for my domain.
  6. xHKx

    xHKx New Member

    same here I do the same. Thanks 4 the advise
  7. deanver

    deanver New Member

    i'm glad i did not upgrade my account with them. i use multiply but i can't put it in my blogs. it's just that i can upload as many pictures as i can. i also have backups on my computer. and be sure to burn those pictures up on cds.
  8. Prop-erty

    Prop-erty New Member


    I read this with concern as that is part of our plan. Did it get resolved at all in the end?
  9. IanJ

    IanJ New Member

    Flickr can be a real problem because they have lots of external moderators because the community is so large, easy to just get an idiot one who won't listen to reason, I had it happen too.
    Better to just buy your own hosting.
  10. Prop-erty

    Prop-erty New Member

    The reason why we were attracted to Flickr is that it was supposed to improve our rankings SEO-wise. So now, it is rather confusing. Do we take the risk? What do you think?
  11. deanver

    deanver New Member

    i agree with you when it comes to SEO... but just be sure to have backups
  12. Prop-erty

    Prop-erty New Member

    Thank you so much. Yes, we do have backups of everything.
  13. John

    John New Member

    You should have all your photos stored on your own server, always!

    How do people consider flikr good for SEO????
  14. Sean@Phuket

    [email protected] New Member

    Thank you for the advice ...

  15. Kenjiya

    Kenjiya New Member

    Hello there everyone. I'm just new here and would like to share some of my ideas.

    Boy, just bought a new camera and was planning to sign up for Flikr to upload photos because yeah, for SEO purposes. Reading the problems you listed above placed some doubts on my plans.

    In my search for good pic sites I came across two. Haven't tried them out yet but if anyone here have some knowledge, please share. Here they are:

    shareapic(dot)net - they say you can upload unlimited pictures, create unlimited galleries and have no file restrictions. really? anyway, they also pay $0.22 per 1000 views on your posted pics.

    ziddu(dot)com - another free file hosting site. you can upload pics, ebooks, videos and get paid everytime someone downloads any of your stuff.

    anyway, thanks for letting me share!
  16. Nichole Optician

    Nichole Optician New Member

    Your information is helpful.

    Thanks for sharing...
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