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When we were in Hurghada back in April I have to say Felfela was our favourite haunt whether it was in the heat of the day,sitting in the shade watching the boats whizz up and down and the dolphins leaping out the water. Or for a relaxed evening meal. Think we were both dillusional over how much we could eat though. The lamb shoulder was to die for and if I'd had a doggy bag it would have come away with us!
hi - where in Hurghada is this - thanks


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hi georgina

thanks for your advice can you give me details of the company in el gouna that you used, would be grateful.

i cannot afford the furniture packs! so i hope that my apartment is going to be a mix of european and egyptian, we shall see. thanks once again, telling a colleague at work that she will have the time of her life, lots to eat, drink and do learnt that from these forums

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The company I used are Best Service Co but they only work in El Gouna I believe and not Hurghada. I am sure there will be someone doing such a service near you otherwise there will be a fantastic opportunity for someone.