First time investor, invest now?


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Sorry I dont know about this i will try to tell u later.:(

john conor

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This time im working on victorian styles if any question contact me.


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hi one idea is to advertise privatley and ask for anyoe willing to sell below market value and rent back. Its as simple as that but you need to know the bank will want a deposit of at least 20 % of the price you buy it at.
This is a good way to start and there are people i am sure who would like to turn their house to cash.
If you are not a uk resident for more than 15 years you may have a problem getting the mortgage.
I think this is the quickest and best way.


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Yes, I do believe that this economic downturn period is the best time for investing into properties whether its you own country or overseas.

You can infact, get the best of the rates right at this moment and can find most of the properties at a much cheaper rate.

- Michelle

Just a quick background on me. Im 22 year old recent uni graduate and currently working full time. I have a lump sum saved up (20k) and always been keen to invest in property for a few years.

Firstly i would like to ask on any ideas on acquiring further deposits for housing. Current income is 17k/year with little to no outgoings and can remain that way.

Second, is now a good time to invest? plus would a buy to let market be a good thing?

I was at the point of deciding whether to invest all in one house, buy to let in the uk, or buy abroad but think buy to let is where to start as i want to start building a portfolio of houses. Atm i know its a buyers market and feel refurbishments are not viable yet and many houses are reducing their prices around me which i have noticed since this time last year.

Any help is greatly appreciated, i did start looking at various victorian style terraced houses in town areas where the rental fee charged can cove the mortgage at the rate i would expect to get. These houses are typically going for 90-100k but the areas are just so-so. Anyway thanks for any help on starting up, esp where to look towards and gaining further finances.


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funds available

I have read up a bit lately about bulgaria and its property but have never really fancied it to be honest. Ive done alot of research towards Turkey and the bodrum area and so has my dad who is deciding to invest over there. Theres is an option to put both our monies together (~45k) to buy either property or land.

Thanks for your reply, have read most of your posts and all have been very useful. Im in the lincolnshire area, around rutland water if you know that at all.

From reading this site indepth i am deciding whether to invest in the uk at a later date. Like today the papers (express) reported record alltime price highs, yet quite a few houses near me that ive kept my eye on over the last year havent sold and have reduced their price.
Although theres a saving there to be made i feel maybe a greater saving is to be made in a few years? am i right.

Any help for my area and what are more profitable investments will be of great help.

Any help to further fund raising ideas will be great aswell.
Hello.........i have mortgage funds available up to 70% of value of property for buy to let. I would be looking to make a profit on the resale and charge the same as the arrangement fees i pay plus half share of any legal work....


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Good time to invest if you have the patience to wait out the volatility

I think that the current situation of the economy would help you extend the value of your 20K but it will be 2 or 3 years before the property market picks up. The best bet would be to buy properties for rental in the mean time to help cover the mortgage charges.

Have you joined any property investment seminars to give you insider tips and techniques for investing properties.


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There are more solutions

:idea: Hi there

Have you think at all about Lease Options?

If you don't know what it is feel free to ask and I will send you as many details as you need.


Although not in an indentical situation, I am in a situation!!

We've been living abroad for the last 5 years. Our son is 15 and the thought of university fees start to loom. If we're out of the UK for 3 years prior to him starting he'll be classed as an overseas student with fees of up to £18k a year :eek:

We think the time has come for us to buy in the UK but we can't afford much and we have to live in a specific place in S.Wales. I'm thinking of either putting down deposits on a few small properties up north and using the rents to cover mortgage (obviously) and then renting a house for own use in Wales or buying in Wales though we could only afford around £25k for deposit and would have to get an interest only mortgage. Whatever we buy would be with one eye on investment as my husband is only 7 years off retirement and we would probably then move to Egypt.

We have a studio appartment worth about £57k in Dubai and we're also buying an appartment in Egypt.

Any comments or advise would be extremely welcome.


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hi Medion

You have mentioned that you potentially looked at property in UK or abroad . Actually I invested in buying a property in DUBLIN when I finished , I bought a place and rented it out to a serviced office company and was a great deal then. So invest wisely . From articles and then websites I've read the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. i think it should be able to shrug off the economic slowdown (I am forwarding you this website If you wish).

The website is Property Management Dublin, Ireland by Assured Property Management

Here are some of the services which they have offered to you :-

# Regular site inspections and checking of service personnel
# Dealing with caretakers and wages
# Book-keeping/Accounting services and liaising with auditors
# Attending Board meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
# Obtaining quotations for any maintenance work to be carried out
# Providing 24 Hour, 365 day emergency cover
# Providing company secretarial services Arranging insurance and dealing with claims/indemnity letters
and many more.....................!!!

may its helpful for you....