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Discussion in 'UK Property' started by medion, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. vera

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    İ offer now to all my friends to invest in Turkish property...but not to all cities,specially now is the boom of investment in Alanya,i work here in Construction Company and we have soo much really good property with high investment return...İ dont try to sell you smth and i will not write you here some sweet stories about how is nice here sun is 300 days a year and bla bla the reason i write here is that is that i know the situation from inside..
    As you know or probably somebody dont know here but next year just 30 km away from Alanya (now the old one is 150 km away)gonna open a new international airport,so the price is gonna jump up...+ very good mortgage 1-20 years 5.9% and very good return from rent.
    İ will give just an exaple we have a good projact the exlusive apartment 170 m2 (you have to see its like a luxury dream hotel resort) we like construction company sell its now 115000 euro and dont change the prices...But the other companies who buy from us some of these apartments already seling 135000 -140000......and next year it will cost 170000-200000 euros!
    İn my opinion to get minimum 60 000 euro for less than a year its very good investment.
    Sorry if not interesting for someone information and sorry for my english :)
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    Re. "I am to do with a development on the coast in Bulgaria!! from articles I have read the bulgarian property market should be able to shrug off the US economic slowdown (I can forward you these articles If you wish). "
    Buyers of Bulgarian property of the type you are marketing will originate mainly from areas which have been hit by this ongoing crisis. Therefore it would be folly to assume that Bulgaria will not be directly affected also by this most global of crises.
    Warning: Bulgaria also has some of the highest closing costs of any market anywhere. Potential buyers, before they sign, would be well-advised to have have these detailed extra costs set out in writing and with the mention that the document represents the total outlay for the purchase of the property in question. Reason: stealth charges can add another 25% to the cost of property in this country - over and aove the agreed asking price. Buyer beware!
    Source: Telegraph Property dated 16 August 2008, page P5
    I might add that neighbouring Romania IS feeling the effects of the crisis. See David Howe' article on the Forum under Romania for more on this. In the article which he quotes, he says that sales are so slow that many dealers could soon be abandonning the market altogether
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    I m sorry to intrude mate but currently there is only one place in da world where u can make mind boggling money and thats dubai i am a developer in dubai my self and i also have my own real estae... thers nuffin like dubai.. trust me on dat
  4. Investy

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    Is this a joke?

    3 years ago people like me over on housepricecrash warned of the comming crash in the US and UK, yet many unthinking sheep lined up and 'invested'

    Dubai is another one for the muppets of this world, unless you invested long ago that is.

    You know my freind, the secret to investing is timing - how can you seriously think now is a good time to invest in an over hyped tail end charlie place like Dubai.

    The ne wopportunuties lay in the UK, US (due to crash) and of course the new but safe areas with great prospects such as North Morocco.

    I'll look at Dubai in 2 or 3 years when all the muppets realise there aren't enough tenants to give them a worthwhile yield.
  5. jerrymind

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    Hi Medion,

    Welldone for at least thinking about taking such a leap. The property market in the UK have been up and down, however those with sufficient capital can still make quiet a lot of money.

    The first thing is to carry out a thorough market research on the location around you. If you still live very close to your university, I might be the best place to invest your money on. Be it buy to let or anything.

    I invested in buying a property when I finished Uni, I bought a place and rented it out to a serviced office company and was a great deal then. So invest wisely and ask alot of questions. Be very careful of "sales mortgage advisers"
  6. jessicatam

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    I agree with the person who suggested UK university towns, especially for your first couple of investments. If you know where you'll be working when you graduate, try to pick somewhere close to there, so that you don't have to stress too much about traveling for tenant emergencies, etc.

    If you decide to go full time with your property portfolio, then you can look at investing abroad - you'll have more experience, and a better sense of where the good prospects are.
  7. sha-sl

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    you can see the proprety market is cracking down . As of now more then 10% of the prices were fallen down , it is expected to go down more in the new year. If, you are looking for buying an property it is the time for you to buy , as you can get with an cheap price.
  8. jerrymind

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    I think this works out in both ways, and YES most of the prices according to you have decreased by 10% meaning high interest rates for mortgage. And the more it goes down the higher we'll see an increase in the IR.

    They best option now will be to buy and let or the part ownership which mopst mortgage companies are offering now. This can only be for housing as the serviced office industry has seen an increase in letting too.
  9. neustria

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    As of now more then 10% of the prices were fallen down , it is expected to go down more in the new year. If, you are looking for buying an property it is the time for you to buy , as you can get with an cheap price.
    ************************************************** ***********************************
    That's called a falling knife. Try to catch it if you want, but you'll have every chance of getting cut!

    And yes, -10% in most areas still will not even begin to qualify as "cheap" !
  10. artursw

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    buy around May 09 - recommendation

    Prices still are going down in some areas in London. Wait until statistics for the first 6 months arrived. Because of current situation all is going to be like reality for Britain, how the real EU looks like… the emigrations statistic will indicate how property market is looks like then easier would be to optimize your portfolio for renting market. Another main factor after first 6months you will see global finical market health, unemployment rise, people faces- sadness or happiness. If you thinking to buy abroad, this is not a good time, because one of the first is Britain who facing market crash, after will affects another EU countries. Wait, keep you deposit in your pocket (cash in king now) once people panic and start selling cheaply. People go mead because of media, don't, read, listen just calculate, observe real statistics, factors.
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    I'm an investor from dubai who wants to invest in areas around london, i already have cash of 40k pounds and looking for a small three bedroom house ouside london, need to know the prices of villas outside london and where is the best area to invest in.
  12. UKand Singapore

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    Hi Bill,

    One of my target areas is Dorset. I have two properties there already and am actively looking at further investments. Let me know more details about what you are trying to achieve and let's see if we can make some progress.

  13. zanis

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    UK Recession May Be the Steepest in over 20 Years

    It could be a great time to invest in UK property if you can get the $$. My opinion is that if you can buy a property a the bottom or near to the bottom of a property cycle then its good news. The equity you get over the long run should be good once the property market cycle goes up again.

    News of this below

  14. ComRoute

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    If you have the investment capital now, then there couldn't be a better time!
  15. neustria

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    "If you have the investment capital now, then there couldn't be a better time!"

    They will be saying that in 12 months too...and in 24 months.

    You REALLY don't understand how bad things are this time....
  16. tomas123

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    Stick to the UK

    Invest in the UK, but wait about a year when prices will touch bottom, then prices will only go up... and you will get a good profit
  17. neustria

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    My opinion is that if you can buy a property a the bottom or near to the bottom of a property cycle then its good news.

    ...the only trouble being, of course, that you will buy it now and only know later if you were at or near the bottom.

    Many people in these forums seem to confuse property whose prices have fallen with property whose price has reached a bottom.
    It is an important distinguo... (Real estate agents in particular seem to have problems with this!)
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    ipinglobal are now doing pre construction syndication in the uk on Flaxby
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    joint ventures are very tricky - i was deciding whether to get a joint purchase with a friend but was advised not to.....
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