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Good evening all wondered if I could draw on your collective knowledge please.

I have lived with my good lady in her house for 22 years we are not married.
We have decided to move and have found a property we both like, to fund the purchase of the £280000 property I have a mortgage in my name alone for £199000 and my partner is gifting the remaining £81000.
We have been told by our solicitor that we may still have to pay stamp duty even though its my first property purchase because my partner already owns the house we live in at the moment.
She intends to sell our current home once we are settled in our new home if all goes ahead.

We are also intending to both do wills and a declaration of trust for my partner for the money she has put in just in case we broke up she would get the percentage back she put in.

Has anyone else been in this situation that could offer some insight please.


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If I were you, I'd definitely think about checking out MaryR. They're a property software app that caters specifically to people who are buying a house together but contribute uneven shares (friends, unmarried couples, etc) . It basically allows you to track your (individual) shares on an app, and everything is legally watertight because they also incorporate a Deed of Trust. It also helps you build equity on your shares - which is always a nice bonus! Hope that helps, but yeah definitely recommend checking out the MaryR website for exactly this sort of thing. Good luck!

Johan carter

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I was also in this situation my girlfriend helped me financially and we both together bought a house, to buy house umega lettings helps us a lot and we bought our dream house.