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    I have just bought my first BTL property and have improved it and now about to let it out, I have some queries regarding allowable expenses for tax

    The house was previously lived in before so was in a let-able condition however i wanted to improve it before i did, Ive been reading that expenses that improve the property are capital expenses however in certain areas i have just replaced what was there before, for example:

    Replaced old kitchen with a new one (same layout)
    replaced old wall tiles with new ones in the kitchen
    new bathroom suit and replaced wall tiles in bathroom
    Replaced front door with same style/material (uPVC)
    Removed wall paper, re wired and replastered the house
    Repainted all walls/ceilings
    Replaced existing electrical components (switches sockets etc)
    Gas Safe Cert
    Elec Safe Cert

    Also what about the business milage allowance...travelling to and from the house while renovating, travelling the wholesalers etc..

    Are any of these classed as repairs/allowable expenses that i could put down on my first year books or are they all capital expenses. Ive looked in several places but i believe some of it is open to interpretation.

    If someone could offer any kind of advice or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated


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