Few suggestions



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1. on the basis that there is no fee for joining remove some of the restrictions on what guests can see on post, specifically uploaded photos

2. add a sticky poll to every forum for 1 week in 4 asking for FEED BACK - hiding this Feed back forum is not a good way to get feedback - allow posts from guests for feed back - that way we can get good info from non-regulars about what they think would be helpful. It's just about impossible to find this page at the moment.

3. never allow more than 2 stickies at any time on a forum

4. update the moderators role and put it on the forum somewhere so that we all know what to expect from them.

5. provide similar roles / expectations for all other class of users and publish

6. never allow more than 2 polls at a time on a forum, and verify the validity before accepting - some recent ones are a little odd

Hope this helps


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a 'test' area would be useful so that novice users can trial posting without risk of being flamed?