Few quick questions



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Hi All,

As a real estate professional or sales agent:
1. What do you like most about real estate, and the least?
2. What are the biggest challenges you're facing? Or if you had a magic wand, what problems/frustrations would you solve now?
3. How much is that costing e.g. monthly?
4. If things are all setup and working perfectly, what would that look like?
5. What's your view of technology in terms of to assist with your sales & marketing? Do you believe you under-utilise, over-utilise...?



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Hi Samuel, here is what I think:

1. The best of this job is the freedom it gives you, it is obviously not like a regular 9-5 job, so often I have plenty of free time and there is no BOSS yelling at me and stuff like that. On the other hand, there are some pretty tough moments, for example when I sign with somebody and soon it turns out he is not the right person for the place- always late with the rent, doesn't keep the place in order, disturbing me for every little details etc.
2. The tenant screening process will go N.1 in my list. Often it is quite challenging and that's what I would change with a magic wand and make it easier.
3. Can't say right now :)
4. The dream scenario will be when all my rental units are occupied with proper tenants and they are not disturbing me 24/7 for every little leak and fix.
5. As a person with a marketing and PR degree I am a huge fan of technologies and believe they can be of a great use in this field too. For proper advertisement and marketing technology plays a huge role especially when it comes to real estate in large areas such as Melbourne & Sydney.


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Hi Sam,

Here are my thoughts:

1. There's no cap in earnings and your time is your time. :)
2. There are so many different people and personalities to accommodate in a real estate transaction. It can be difficult to find a win-win resolution at times.
3. Cannot say, as well (same as Joe above)
4. Dream scenario: is surely no issues arise, especially for tenants.
5. Real estate professionals are more than experts about the properties they represent and the clients they advise. They are also champions of technology, advocates for new tools and resources to elevate their online visibility and more effectively market to prospective buyers and sellers. ;)

---- Peter