Federal Government Funding and Extra Tax Breaks For New Properties in The Go Zone

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Paul Graveling

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Receive up to $219,000 from the US Government for Renting-Out Properties in the Go Zone Regeneration Area, and pay no US Tax on rental profits for at least 15 years.

There is currently a unique opportunity in the USA to be paid by the Federal Government AND get additional tax breaks for owning and renting out properties in certain parts of the Southern States. For an investment of up to $99,000 you can own 6 brand new properties to rent to local people, not holiday homes, with positive cashflow, and receive government incentives of up to $219,000 on completion of build, and accelerated tax depreciation means that you will not pay any US tax on rental profits for at least 15 years.

The Key Features of this investment opportunity are:

90% Non-status loans pre-arranged – No personal financial details required, and the builder pays 4% bank fees.

Initial investment of just 10% plus initial fees & taxes. All other closing costs paid by the builder (which amount to about 6% of the property price). Initial investment for one property from $23,000 up to $99,000 for 6 properties.

Cash back from the Federal Government from $36,500 for a single property up to $219,000 for 6 properties when building is complete, which is up to $120,000 more than your initial investment.

High demand for rental properties from the local workforce means year round rental, not seasonal holiday lets. There is currently a big shortage of properties to rent in this area.

50% tax depreciation which can be carried forward for up to 15 years, meaning no US income tax to pay on rental profits for at least 15 years.

60 day cooling-off period for a full refund of all initial payments.

The USA is the world's largest property market with an established legal system, not a third world or developing country where there may be doubts about the security of your money or property.

Full Turnkey Service from the Developer who will:

Explain fully the Investment

Co-ordinate Title Deed Companies, Lawyers and Accountants

Handle application paperwork for Bank Accounts, IRS, Government Funding, loans, insurance etc.

Co-ordinate Rental and Property Management

Provide ongoing rental, legal and fiscal advice, if required

Provide regular market updates in respect of your investments

Sell your property for you.

There are some small group seminars in September in the UK presented by fully bonded and licensed US Realtors as follows:


To reserve your place on one of these free seminars, to find out more about this opportunity and the US property market in general, please reply to the E-mail address below with your name and state the seminar that you wish to attend.

Seminars are for small groups of investors and are free. They run from 6.30 to approximately 9.30 pm, with refreshments provided.

Please reply to [email protected] quoting ref TP10 and we will send you some further information so that you can get the best out of the seminar.

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Paul Graveling
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