Feasibility of Business Consultancy in Building & Construction

Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by peyton, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I have over 10 years working experience in the sales and business development in Hong Kong in the Building and Construction, mostly large complex, Shopping Mall, Residential Houses. I have been thinking to run my own business. Recently, I've come up an idea of running a business service which will specialize in sales and business development. The service that will be offered includes the following:

    1) provide market intelligences or studies to foreign companies who plan to explore, develop and expand business in Building and Construction in Hong Kong and China;

    2) provide sales advices and recommendations to local or foreign companies who want to improve or increase sales volume;

    3) provide one stop business development services including staff hiring, sales training, sales strategies, sales coaching and on-going sales monitoring;

    The charges for the above services will be on project or hourly basis. I would like to hear your advice on my proposed business including:

    a) the feasibility of this kind of business service;
    b) the potential and demand in Thailand;
    c) any other comment

    Thank you.

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