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Fanadir Lagoons El Gouna

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by queenie40something, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    This is being marketed as ' exclusive ' and situated near to the Abu Tig Marina.

    It consists of 2 apartment blocks seperated into 4 sections and each block contains 16 apartments of different sizes.
    They are quite big with 1 bed from 88.5 to 100, 2 bed 115 to 121.5 and 3 bed at 141 to 157 m2.
    Services include a gardener, sat, communal pool and gardens as well as 24 hour security and facilties are fitness and business centre, wireless internet, supermarkets with home delivery, restaurants and much more.

    The units come with kitchen cupboards and fitted wardrobes with marble flooring.

    Prices start from 184,000 euros, 2.5% res fee and 22.5 after 5 days and 75% on completion.

    It seems quite expensive but then I suppose it is the location??
  2. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Thanks Queene, it's nice to get some information on developments outside of Hurghada.
  3. Jeremy Sturgess

    Jeremy Sturgess New Member

    Yes the location is good, next door to the new super yacht marina, which is nearly finished and just beside the Ancient Sands Golf Resort project. There is a masterplan showing the layout of Fenadir on the el gouna main website. I heard they were also doing some townhouses as well as apartments and villas at Fenadir.They have already started digging the lagoons for fenadir and will start on the bridges and lagoons separating the two schemes pretty soon. Villa owners with boats on on both schemes will have access directly to the sea through the lagoons. Just a lot of sand everywhere at the moment but will be lovely in due course !
  4. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Thanks Jeremy. Look forward to seeing pics that people may be posting in the future.
  5. crombiestone

    crombiestone New Member

    Expensive ?

    On first appearance this development does seem expensive but it is a low rise spacious waterfront development in a well established exclusive resort ,this has got to be better than a high rise densely packed development and will a long way to justify this premium .
  6. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    Even at these prices its obviously selling, as someone I know put a deposit down on an apartment on this project last week when I visited El Gouna and had no problem with the price!
  7. ThomasCurtains

    ThomasCurtains New Member

    This could be a nice concept, have lived in compounds like this in KSA, more for secuirty than anything else. I suppose people with money like the prviacy and the beach, bars and marina are not too far away.
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