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Fairways Towers [The Views]; MASSIVE Quality problems for Owners

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by kaunas, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. kaunas

    kaunas New Member

    It is an abomination!!

    I have seen better finishes in International City, I am not kidding!

    I have been to the Fairways Towers twice this week to inspect [snag] units. While there, I met another owner who has 10 units there and he was at boiling point over the quality too.

    This is the first and hopefully the last construction that will be handled by the Chinese Contractors.

    If other owners find they have quality issues; take as many photos as you can and send them to the Handover Dept' at Emaar because "they want to see proof".
  2. Property Pimp

    Property Pimp New Member

    I have a unit in Links West, the quality there is very good. probably a diffrent contractor.

    When is fairways due for handover?
  3. kaunas

    kaunas New Member

    Fairways is from different contractors. ABM built Golf Towers and Links, I own a GT but have seen Links and agree it is very good. Most people had high expectations with Fairways, as Emaar seemed to be a 'learning'company with quality improving with each build.

    However, not with this one. It is worse than the original 'old' Greens buildings. No Joke!

    Hand over due next month, after a six month delay and needs another few months to get it close to right.
  4. Property Pimp

    Property Pimp New Member

    Sorry to hear that it's that bad.. I'm actually shocked, like everyone else, I was expecting Fairways to be better than GT and Links. The fairways exterior looks nice, especially The floor to ceiling windows. I almost bought there last year.

    You should refuse to take handover until they fix it up.
  5. kaunas

    kaunas New Member

    That's exactly what I did today! I wrote to Emaar with a load of photos and refused to take it. I can't get the images out of my head e.g. the built in fridge has a 5inch gap between it & the cabinet it sits inside of; after laying the floor tiles they have been hit them with an grinder so the edges become more level and not one straight line anywhere! Cost cutting at its best when the appliances don't fit the kitchen spec'.

    The exterior, I agree looks great but everything else has been done on the cheap including the common areas.
  6. Jacque

    Jacque New Member

    I can say that the swimming pool is nice...
    Anyway, are you interested to rent your property? Pls mail me at jqvictoria_2000 at yahoo dot com or call at 050 290 7487

    Thank you.
  7. glenk

    glenk New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but was interested when I stumbled across the bad feedback against the 'Fairways' development. I currently live in the Travo Building and I must say, I am please with the quality build (even though it is a few years old now). I worked as a site foreman back in the UK and am stressing about what the quality build is going to be like in the west tower fairways as I'm due to look at a 2 bedroom next week?!
    I have seen the pool area and it is nice but someone mentioned earlier that the communal areas are a bit shoddy....I agree. Some slabs are slightly raised and another concern is that the villas they are building on the front of the golf course, is this going to block the view from the pool area? Im sure that this was a good selling point for Emaar to buyers with the view and all, so surely not?
    Starting to worry a little now and have asked my agent to look for something in the Links too?
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