Failure to get cancellation money back

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by alfonsooo, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. alfonsooo

    alfonsooo New Member

    Hi ALL,

    I am looking for people who have not received their cancellation money back from fadesa to join together to launch a group action legal challenge. I have a lawyer and price for said proceedings in place. please PM me for more details if you are in the same position as me and would be interested in joining forces.
  2. kelliruston

    kelliruston New Member

    i would be interested in joing forces - legalex have advised of a cost and now in 2 minds of what to do
  3. aingeru

    aingeru New Member

    Hello Alfonso,

    We´ve nearly the same problem, we´d like to get our money back. So we´re interested in joining forces to do something and try to solve the problem.
  4. robertbc2

    robertbc2 New Member


    Hi Alfonsoo, I along with about 10 others are now considering legal action. We have lobbied our MP's and are awaiting responses from the Foreign Office as this whole thing is a government backed scheme. Can you send me your email details so we can liaise properly. Many thanks, Ben
  5. crusoe

    crusoe New Member

    We are in contract with Fadesa (as was) for one of their AP4 apartments. We would like to hear from any purchasers who are dissatisfied with a view to joining forces.
  6. christinedcampbell

    christinedcampbell New Member

    Hello Crusoe and robertbc2,

    We bought a house on V-2, fully paid up/house uninhabitable/security staff living in it/ and three moorings, part paid.

    Cannot get any sense anywhere, least of all the Marina office. Glad to pool info. Please contact me direct on [email protected]

    Kind regards, Christine
  7. SaidiaSpy

    SaidiaSpy New Member

    Christine, the courts of law in Morocco are joke.

    The only way you will get redress is if you (and others) manage to get a letter to the King of Morocco.

    I'm not going to get in to a debate on this - this approach is the ONLY one that will work.

    Anything else is a waste of time.

  8. christinedcampbell

    christinedcampbell New Member

    Dear Spy...your blogs are invaluable! I guessed as much, and we haven't wasted anymore time or money on it.

    We never intended to 'do rentals' but wanted a home to come out to in the cold UK months (65yrs)...but with Siadia being quite hard to get to as far as we're concerned, and too many problems in the UK to get away in any case....what with the knock-back on the house we have just closed our eyes to it all (should I say head in the sand?)... your most valuable and succinct(!) do you see the 'Resort' panning it could come good in 5/10years...or is this a case of 'how long is a piece of string' ??

    Kind regards, and thanks for your input again.
  9. philamena

    philamena New Member

    playa vista news/

    Hello Does anyone have news on the Playa vista development?????
  10. andrewlord

    andrewlord New Member

    would any memebers have an update on the situation at LDJF
  11. andrewlord

    andrewlord New Member


    Would any memebers have an update on the position at property logic

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