Experiences with foldable and retractable tv systems?



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I would like to upgrade a house with a foldable and retractable TV. The TV should be in the pool area and you can then see the TV from the pool and the BBQ area. Does anyone know the TVs from C-Seed? Would that be a good idea to upgrade the house? It is a high priced house with high standards. I would like to install a TV like this to make it stand out from other houses. What would be another possibility to upgrade the house or differentiate it from others?


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That sounds like a fun idea! I would add some kind of (pool-)Bar. Sounds like a nice spot to entertain and host guests, so that would work together with the TV and BBQ.
I've heard of the brand and seen it once in display - it has brilliant colours and a very high quality! I was stunned as I realized that the screen is actually foldable, you couldn't tell at first glance.
If you say you are on a luxury level and target wealthy customers, this could work fine, because it's quite a pricey attraction.
And it's a good idea to install it outdoors, because you will need some distance to enjoy watching and at least it's weatherproof isn't it?


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The house has a large pool area with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Part of the terrace is currently unused. So I thought you could install such a TV. The good thing about it is that the TV is completely invisible when not in use. The TV is then stowed in the floor, it only extends when you need it. Then it unfolds its screen and you can then turn it in all directions. If you want to watch the TV from the dining table, turn it in that direction. If you want to watch TV from the pool, you turn it to the pool. Everything happens automatically and at the push of a button. I would have thought I'd have a couple of loungers built into the pool then you can lie in the pool and watch TV at the same time. The televisions are specially made for the outdoor area, so they have a very high level of brightness so that you can see something even in direct sunlight. Yes, the televisions are of course weatherproof and protected against rain and wind. It seems to me a possibility to stand out from others. I was thrilled when I saw the TV for the first time as it came out of the ground. The technology is really impressive and of course the size too. More like a cinema :) There are 12 houses in the settlement, all roughly the same design, all built at the same time, no road nearby and enough distance to the next house, all with a sea view. You need something to stand out. I think such a TV would be just right.

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It sounds like a good idea, I'm sure it will make the house stand out from the rest. I don't know the brand so I don't have any recommendations on that front.
How is the stereo of the TV? A good stereo system, one that could be used with other devices too, might be another thing that can make your house more attractive.


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That sounds like a fun place to live in! I hope you installed some kind of stereo to accompany that TV. I hope you got a surround sound with all of the ports and options included. Though, I don't recommend having a party with people who like to rave and all because there's a good chance that that TV would be damaged.