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Hi all, I am going to buy a house. Can anyone give me some advices, for example what should I do before making decision to buy a house? Thanks in advance.


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1. Define clearly your purpose:
The first, house buyers must focus the main purpose and answer some following questions:
+ Buying the house for living or selling?
+ Purchase the house is really necessary?
+ Do you have enough financial ability?
+ Your husband or your wife have same opinion with you?
If your answer for all of question above is “YES”, I think it is a good time you decide to purchase the house.
2. Financial Problems.
Money is also a huge prolems influence to your decisions when purchasing the house. You should buy the house in accordance with your money capacity. If you must borrow money from the bank, you should not borrow excess one quarter of appartment value and must get the plan to pay finance solutions for the bank later. If your finance is unstable, borrowing the money will certainly make you more trouble in the future.
3. Searching the information.
You need to find out information carefully before buying the house. You can easily do it by searching on the internet. Nowaday, some websites provide a good information about real estate (ex: realeste.co.nz, estatecentral.co.nz). A lot of information and experience you can find on them. You also can receive the information, experience from your relative such as friends and family.
4. Location.
Finding approriate location to buy the house is not easy. You should check carefully some elements sush as: near the supermarket, shool, trading center or close the train station. The distance between new location with your work place can make you get some difficult in the future.
5. The factor of safety, health.
This is a very important criteria with the house buyers for living. The house is directly related to the health and lives of people who lives in this house. Especially the elderly group, children, pregnant women. When finding the new house, you should keep in mind some safety standards sush as: electrical systems, fire protection, security and around environment.
6. Legal.
I am sure that you never want to buy the house illegal. So you should check carefully all of documents about the house you decide to buy. It can help you avoid some troubles with government committee.

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H! I am also thinking of buying a house in a few months, so I will be following this thread closely. Thanks for the useful tips Gao. I already started my research and so far gathered info about the prices and which areas of Melbourne are worth investing and so on. I just want to ask you what's your personal experience with buying a property and how long time did you spend on browsing the Internet etc. ?


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This is a very informative thread. If permitted, can I ask what is the cheapest house and lot located where every needed establishments are near?


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First time buying a house is an important decision. Plan your budget, know your limitations, property inspections etc. To know more read some home buying tips for your Place or country.


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House is the biggest purchase of your life, and small mistakes can cost more. There are few tips before making decision to buy a house :
1. Hire an agent because an agent can send you listings directly that fit your parameters, and you won't waste time.
2. Check the selling prices of comparable homes in your area.
3. Find out how much you can borrow and see what you can afford.
4. Look at your budget and determine how a house fits into it.


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Well before buying a home, you should do a thorough research on area by meeting with people residing there. If you don’t have that much time, you can check the online reviews about the property made by people residing there and ask questions or queries that strikes in your mind. Moreover, if you need to apply a home loan, it is recommended to compare the rate of interest offered by leading Australian banks and financial firms. To make the process simple you may contact to financial broker but make sure that agent which you deal must not be allied to any particular firm.


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This can be a extremely useful twine. When granted, am i allowed to question what on earth is the most cost effective residence as well as good deal positioned in which every single needed organizations usually are in close proximity to?

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Things you need to keep in mind before buying any property.


and also before buying the house you need to consult with your property adviser.


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Thinks you need before buying house. You should check the better location and infrastructure.


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Buying your first house is a thing you have to plan thoroughly. You need to consider more than just the property’s purchase price. You may need mortgage insurance, which can cost several thousand dollars. Make sure you speak to your home loan specialist to get a full understanding of what’s involved.

Register with local agents who can give you an instant heads up when a suitable property crosses their desk. Consider a more affordable suburb nearby, or one where you’re more likely to get what you want for your hard-earned dollar.