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Hi there all,

The Executive Towers are being handed over from June I believe and I wanted to get your thoughts on rental prices for them.

I have a Studio in Executive Towwer B (875sq ft) and its very large. I know the property rental index will be out from April but wanted to gauge your thoughts on what rental i could expect for the year for it. Images have been release of the inside and the finishing is of a very high standard indeed!

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated. I'm not fussed if its monthly cheques, quarterly, or yearly - would just like to know what you think i can ask for rental for such a prime location.



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in the current senario it would be around 55-60K for an studio .......

..... the developer/government is not even ready with that question .. they are just delaying the hand over ... i beleive it wont be until end of the year its just they just dont want to flood the market with ready appartments ...
with executive tower unit owner are dead scared what will happen once the units are handed over its just to many of them ... people have already started selling it for 850 - 900 per sq.ft calculate 8 - 9 % of rental return from that

there are 12 towers there to be handed over
burj views to be handed over
3/4 of discovery garden
half of JLT ,

just have to wait and watch how things turn out but doesnt seems to be a good one

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