Ethics and property overseas

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A business acquaintance today said he would buy and sell any property abroad, even if it is unsafe or a bodge job. He also said that to feel otherwise would be "emotional". No, I am not drunk. What do others think?


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Sad Story for real Estate Professionals

I have been in the property business for many years and have seen all sorts of rubbish from companies with the smash and grab mentality.

Strangely enough these companies are not around anymore, having left poor customers scratching their heads with nowhere to turn.

The AIPP recently expelled several businesses from their organization for shoddy practice and poor service.

I´m sure most badly run/unethical agencies will vanish given the current financial turmoil and leave customer focused, transparent companies who are passionate about offering the best service available.

When the market gets tough the cream rises to the top!

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