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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by fiona&wendie, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. fiona&wendie

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    We will shortly own our property in Estrella Do Atlantico Natal: We bought off plan several years ago planning on renting it out up until the World Cup, hoping this would increase property value in the area and then sell it. However, completion has taken so long that we would now only get about 1 year's rental income before selling: factoring in costs of furnishing it, putting in a kitchen, condo fees, insurance, agents, tax etc we don't really know if it will be worth letting it out or whether we should just leave it empty until we are ready to sell. It would be good to hear what anyone else thinks about this choice. Thanks.
  2. Mahogany

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    hi guys,

    i have also bought a property in natal, in petropolis to be exact. it is like your apartment was, behind on construction, by about 1 year i'd guess.

    i reckon if you furnish your property and have it available for the world cup you will pretty much cover all your costs from the money made by renting and if you rent it out between now(when furnished) and the world cup or the time you sell that will be more money in your pocket.

    and i can only assume a nicely furnished property as opposed to unfurnished will go for a higher price when put up for sale.
  3. debzor

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    May I ask, are you all expecting to receive 'top dollar' rents during the 2014 World Cup, and who do you think will be paying them?
  4. LoneRanger

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    I can't understand these expectations.
    There will be only 2 first-stage games in Natal during 10 days.

    Natal has a relative small stadium, only 40.000 people.
    Expctations are for these initial games, 75% of the spectators Brazilians, locals and the surrounding and surrounding states. Most of them will are sleep at home or with friends.

    What contries will play ?
    Can be Nigeria - Vietnam and Island - Greenland.

    If there come some foreigners, lets say 3 - 4 thousand, they will only need 2 nights in a hotel, arriving the day before the game and leaving the day after.
    And are they big spenders ? Don't think so, just spending on booze.

    Just a few will stay longer.

    It's low season, normal hotel and pousada accomodation will be no problem at all.
    They are almost empty anyway that time of the year.
  5. Norbert

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    Imagine - let's assume they actually manage to finish that stadium in Natal before the FIFA starts. And they use it for the planned matches.
    What happens then. How does the city's business plan look like - do they have a plan at all?
    Four Years After Hosting, This Is What a $40B Investment Looks Like in China - this is a sad preview of what could happen in Natal .....

    And when the next financial shortage presents itself, and the 5th, 4th or 3rd LARGEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD is still not completed, how many people will wish that they had played those 4 matches somewhere else and saved the money on education, or MCMV .....

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  6. PeterV

    PeterV Banned

    Greenland, indeed

    The entire working force of the independent country of Greenland will fit in that stadium. Whatare they going to do with the remaining seats?

  7. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Guest

    I heard the FIFA made an agreement with the "German Shepherds Breeding

    2 seats for the price of one, one for the dog, one for the owner.

    Yet you're from the Netherlands.

    I also heard the Dutch developers F. Jacobse & (T) van Es (K&B) made great deals in Natal the last years in Natal because of the coming Worl-Cup event.
  8. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc

    Jacobse & tedje van es

    That's what I heard.
    But apparently their services are limited to the Plano de Paisagismo - a sort of Winterklaar Making excercise.

  9. Mahogany

    Mahogany New Member

    I think some people have brought up some really valid points regarding how much demand there'll be for accommodation in natal for the World Cup.
    Some things that I will definitely take note of..

    We have to remember that brazil is a huge country(one of the largest in the world) with a huge population. For millions of football crazy locals, natal will be one of the few places to be part of the action. I expect local demand for tickets alone will be enough to fill the stadiums. There will also be a thousands of tickets handed out to foreign delegates, business people, family and friends of footballers, management, sponsors etc.

    If a South American nation gets to play in natal or very well supported nations like Ireland and Sweden, there will be a flood of supporters coming in!

    In retrospect this may only be for a week or 2 at the most. I reckon if you bother to fly all the way to brazil you aren't going to stay for just one night, watch the game then head off. The open minded people that travel to see their country play football will want to spend some time in the most passionate footballing nation on earth!! :)
  10. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Guest

    F.Jacobse and (T) van Es are living in Cyprus since.
    They have a ATF bank machine filling up contract there.

    But are on vacation in Kirigztan since last week.

    Any Problems ?
  11. Maria2

    Maria2 Active Member

    self destructive

    Read this out aloud:

    Am I absolutely sure that I want to let 'football crazy locals' in my brand-new apartment?
    People with past rental experience with any normal 'crazy locals' will explain that the revenue covered only for a small part of the renovation costs.

    So think twice!

  12. Danny44

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    I can see the need for a bigger airport for the WC in Natal due to its proximity to Europe. Fact is that the airport, which already struggles handling ONE international flight, will never be able to handle what will be expected of it during the WC. they are already talking about using the airbase in Ponta Negra as backup, and being masters of organisation I can only assume how badly that would end. All the proposed infrastructure work that was planned for 2014 has been shelved due to the spiralling costs of the stadium. They are so far behind they are now working 24/7 every day to get it done! On an average day it can take you 30/40 mins getting past the stadium with traffic, imagine the carnage if there was a big game on.

    The world cup for Natal will not be an opportunity for rentals, other than day to day. No country will play more than one match at any location. So "if" the projected draw throws Natal games featuring Argentina, Spain, Germany and Italy, as is touted, Fans will only need a place to stay for max 2 nights before moving on. And there are 12 host cities, not the traditional 8. And it has been rightly pointed out during low season Natal is like a ghost town. And given the state of the beach areas, the ever growing litter problem, if I were a tourist I would move to the next city as fast as possible.
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